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It's the panel Apple rejects that makes Apple the best - Apple.
Just going from 45nm to 28nm would make the move worthwhile if the capacity and reliability (yield) were there, assuming that Samsung isn't likely to get to 28nm soon. I would guess too, not knowing of course, that business divisions are such within Samsung, that there would be some pretty annoyed executives in the chip and display divisions if Apple moved just because of legal trouble between Apple and some mini-titan in the mobile devices division. \ All the best.
Yes, it will. However, we won't bother, there'll be new debates, new arguments and new trolls to slay (with kindness).
In some countries such as Canada, Australia and Japan, the financial year runs over 12 months from a date other than January first. This moves the often considerable burden of financial reporting for companies and personal income tax assessment for individuals away from the festive season. In Canada, the financial year runs April 1 - March 31, Australia July 1 - June 30 etc. Clever. All the best.
Thanks admin. It's obvious that I was upset at the post, however, with others, I hope that there is opportunity for his(?) issues to be addressed and overcome. All the best.
This is not the first time that I have done just that. However, this post is truly remarkable... and sad!
An outrageous diatribe... awaiting Admin response.
Ironic the quote you chose, as the comment was probably a sarcastic remark attributed to Newton toward the brilliant Robert Hooke (who was apparently short of stature) and with whom he was in dispute.
It WAS obviously, a decent shot at sarcasm. \
I see it that way too... now, about those displays...
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