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I absolutely wouldn't want my mind living outside of my body - it's hard enough not to be embarrassed even knowing that no one else knows what I am thinking!
Trust betrayed, in hindsight, can make anyone feel (and potentially look,) stupid. Doesn't mean that one is stupid but feelings and truth often enjoy only a tenuous association.
History is written by the victor.
Google might be the last word on search right now but Apple would do well to keep a close eye on developments further afield. Wolfram Research is one company that I'd watch. Founder Steven Wolfram, a brilliant physicist and mathematician, is working hard on the concept of the semantic web. This concept is data driven (as exemplified in http://www.wolframalpha.com/) but by Wolfram's own admission has a long way to go. Apple might look for opportunities to work with...
The iPhone OS, being based on OS X, is multitasking but in common with Unix as I understand it, is not a real-time operating system. Currently, I use apps such as RunKeeper that if implemented in a dedicated device, would employ interrupts either software driven or physical, such as detecting a signal on an input pin. Even if this implementation is provided by the iPhone hardware, OS X is not guaranteed to respond within a certain, guaranteed interval, which is a...
Okay, I almost cannot believe that I am doing this but I'll comment here in defence of iGenie. With the statement 'an attempt to divine truth', he was using the word divine in the sense of 'divining the truth', as in water divining, not the spiritual sense. None of us, not even iGenie, would claim that the other divine applies here. (He's still on my ignore list though!)
Welcome to the madness! Sad your predicament, really! It's kind of fun to read conversations that posters are having with someone on one's ignore list! Copenhagen - spring - Tivoli! All the best
Depending on the age of your system/s of course, I'd recommend that you have a look at iWork, it really is nice to use. I have a late version of Office that I barely touch. Pages even supports EndNote now. Keynote is a joy to work with. Regards.
How sophisticated does the program need to be? One can achieve quite nice result in Pages. I have produced posters this way including one for a scientific conference. Does the school require InDesign specifically? Regards.
Coming to the iPad in your hand.This is great news. I'd like to see Apple demonstrate this technology in a game (I'm not a gamer myself) and in doing so, demonstrate some of the possibilities of their technologies. Apple now controls the processor technology in its next mobile platform and eventually will control this technology in its range of mobile devices. Apple controls the platform design and of course, the operating system. Dare I say that the iPad is truly...
New Posts  All Forums: