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4.19 million iPads far exceeds the 3.5 million that they might have sold and vastly more than the 3.3 million that might have moved. This is therefore a brilliant result! (I'm an analyst part time, like those on Wall Street )
iOS IS OS X, it just isn't the Mac version of OS X however. \
If he wasn't here, we'd not have had the joy of your response! Silver linings and all that.
I disagree with this. Apple of all computer companies has been fantastically successful at keeping computing devices together under one OS. This is undeniable. However, they previously did not have the variety of basic hardware architectures to contend with that they now have and even so, each of their platforms is running OS X. Your comment on the iPad in this respect is facetious. One might argue about Apple having a propensity to limit the capability of initial...
Mine wasn't a question but a statement... which you did a nice job of turning to your advantage! I notice that Documents To Go is available for the iPhone too.
I suppose that having Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your phone help in making it like a true tablet too!
Android, by the company who's CEO sat on Apple's board of directors, a highly trusted position.Sure, Steve Jobs is well known in the industry as being incredibly lazy. You on the other hand, are Mr. Amazing!
This is great news. However, Numbers running under MacOS needs a lot of refining. In particular, parsing of data and graph control both need to become more sophisticated in order for Numbers even to be usable under many circumstances that I encounter. I had also hoped to use Keynote on the iPad in presenting lectures prepared on my MBP. However, too many features in my presentations fell over or were missing and so I haven't yet had the opportunity. Refining apps...
Thanks for sharing. Your comment on syncing is probably quite pertinent.
Well - you're simply missing out on a great OS - your loss (but needn't be) (iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1)
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