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Welcome to the madness! Sad your predicament, really! It's kind of fun to read conversations that posters are having with someone on one's ignore list! Copenhagen - spring - Tivoli! All the best
Depending on the age of your system/s of course, I'd recommend that you have a look at iWork, it really is nice to use. I have a late version of Office that I barely touch. Pages even supports EndNote now. Keynote is a joy to work with. Regards.
How sophisticated does the program need to be? One can achieve quite nice result in Pages. I have produced posters this way including one for a scientific conference. Does the school require InDesign specifically? Regards.
Coming to the iPad in your hand.This is great news. I'd like to see Apple demonstrate this technology in a game (I'm not a gamer myself) and in doing so, demonstrate some of the possibilities of their technologies. Apple now controls the processor technology in its next mobile platform and eventually will control this technology in its range of mobile devices. Apple controls the platform design and of course, the operating system. Dare I say that the iPad is truly...
Why have they 'never been very popular'?You say that it is 'not powerful' nor 'a fully functioning computer'. So you are an expert then. Are you an analyst too?Stupid remark!Oh dear, do you think that is any different to any other aspect of our lives?Obviously a purely illogical statement in the context of the iPad, an unreleased product. Possibly quite true in respect of products already on the market, in which Apple is currently not represented. In terms of logic,...
You're not digitalclips father by any chance? You know, just putting two and two together!
Perhaps you have provided a need searching for a solution - a business opportunity perhaps! \
Dear C. Thanks for that. Looks just beautiful on my iPhone. I avoid Flash but haven't really been up with HTML5. If this is what to expect, fantastic. By the way, I didn't miss floppy drives when Apple abandoned them either! All the best.
I agree with you. A 27" iMac in the dorm and the iPad in class. I lecture in physics at a local university. Hopefully, I now won't need to lug my MBP into class. (There is apparently a dock with VGA output. The room server runs windows and employs Powerpoint and so I use my own system to circumvent the dinosaur era! I know - there is plenty in physics teaching that doesn't require a computer at all but I find one helpful! \) The students don't need one either. ...
Is there anything on the iBook software? Also, looking forward to hearing more about A4, not expecting details to be released though.
New Posts  All Forums: