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Through his vision, hard work and that of those around him, Steve Jobs has revolutionised four global industries and is in the process of revolutionising the one he helped usher in to begin with. The consequences of his actions are almost immeasurable. Your criticisms are completely irrelevant. Welcome to my ignore list, please add me to yours!
Thanks for the inside information. You know, I wonder whether most of the resentment toward Steve is not so much about the man but in fact resentment towards Apple's success. In the dark 90's people were really nasty toward Mac users and Apple was pilloried as irrelevant. Now, Apple is pilloried because it is too relevant and that is a very bitter pill for some to swallow. I cannot believe that some comments here are allowed to stand. One criterion for submitting a...
This is true of the HP of yore. However, I feel that the leadership at HP made two big mistakes long ago and not so long ago: (1) They ignored the birth of personal computing until too late. By that I mean, HP could today have owned personal computing as an Apple+Microsoft class corporation. They had the knowhow in software and hardware engineering that in its day was second to none. HP today, building computers to run another company's OS, is just too sad. (2) They...
Humble perhaps but not lacking wisdom!
It is so Freudian I know, however, I read your first sentence as... Oooo, Ahhh... I'm allowed tethering and the idea would suit me quite well.
Bizarre \
I would like clarification on what is meant by the term platform. I have more hardware centric interests than software and so might be displaying unreasonable bias in this question, however, I have never understood the term platform to refer to only the operating system of some computing device. Resorting to at least an accessible arbiter, Wikipedia, the term platform can be defined as: A computing platform is some sort of hardware architecture and software framework...
Please forgive me if this link has been posted previously: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/burnette/c...e_skin;content Last word? \
Right on, well said. (I would however, ban Harry Potter at the drop of a hat, not that anyone would notice! )
LightPeak \ (Versatile, blindingly fast, low power, future proof)
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