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If Google bought Moto Mobility just to secure their patent portfolio, where will they capitalise on the purchase? Is there $12.5B in suing Apple for infringement wherever they can and in giving Fandroid driven hardware makers free access to the covered technology? Perhaps Google has learned a lesson care of Apple. Apple of course, controls their hardware and OS. Perhaps Google has ambitions of becoming a hardware/OS company and of taking Apple on directly. A risky...
This still requires regulatory approval, wonder whether licensees will be heard and what they might say?
The train 'steams' on. LED technology, as successful as it has been, is really only at the beginning of its revolution. Efficiencies will improve, colour temperature will become more natural (there is some beautiful, natural room lighting available now) and projection imaging technologies will improve out of sight. Modulation transfer functions will improve. Exciting times for imaging technologies.
Yay Apple
I propose that a new web site be established, Applelawsuit.com, so that AppleInsider can get back to what really matters - Apple innovation. Believe it or not Applelawsuit.com is actually a parked domain - amazing! All the best.
As today.
The Industrial Revolution, which was actually a series of 'revolutions', occurred first in the United Kingdom in what was largely, though not entirely, an agrairian society and so of course, agriculture was an immediate beneficiary. However, many industries of very limited scope (by later standards), such as the textile, mining, chemical and machine industries exploded in capability and scope and so essentially, agricultural revolution was only a part of the picture. ...
This is not surprising, right? Apple has introduced manufacturing processes and techniques (well advertised by Apple) that lend themselves to automation. Then, Apple introduces increasing levels of automation. Finally, Apple builds a totally automated factory in... well, you name the location, having perfected the technology but remains competitive. In the 1950's and 1960's, Japan began its trajectory to a dominant position in manufacturing due to a cheaper,...
The same question would have been asked many, many times during the Industrial Revolution.
Volume AND profit... but, but, but... Android is more popular!
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