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Thundercat perhaps but not Thunderbolt.
And on Apple computers, Firewire was and is a great success.
The two channels in each USB 3 link are still master/slave and so won't perform nearly as well. The only real innovation is the ability of a slave to poll the master, hardly an innovation at all. \
Further to my comments about the HP of old - when engineers were still in charge, HP produced the very best communications port bar none - GPIB (IEEE488)! Nothing compared in any measure accept in cost. To put that into context, the state of the art for alternatives was... RS232! GPIB could be daisy chained too. In those days, HP ruled in technical computing, no one else came close. Again - gone with Taligent.
Absolutely! Game over.
Firewire and USB 2 were used for essentially the same purpose, pulling and pushing data to and from devices. Thunderbolt however has much greater potential due to its speed and architecture, such as driving multiple monitors. The new iMacs can drive two for example.
The sad fact is that HP used to be the epitome of cutting edge. That is the part of their DNA that Taligent took with them when they split off. HP was founded and run by engineers (Hewlett and Packard) and I believe, greatly admired by Jobs and Wosniak. HP was one of the pioneers of 'just-in-time' manufacturing for example.
Each Thunderbolt port provides a full peer-to-peer, dual channel 10 Gbps transfer connection. USB 3 is also dual channel but master/slave and so even at the rated transfer speed, it will not perform at or near the rated capability depending on the type of transaction, whereas TB might. The innovation in USB 3, (over USB 2), apart from speed, is that the slave can poll the master requesting a transaction which wasn't previously possible. With TB connected devices...
Nice to see someone take the time to answer a concern that resulted from someone throwing their 2 cents in, albeit in a currency that is generally not accepted here! I wasn't a fan of the glossy screen but am getting quite used to it with my 27" iMac. (This current system is fantastic, the new ones will rock.)
No USB 3 no loss. \
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