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Very good! (Even two days would be worrying.)
I honestly think that Eric Schmidt's days at Google are numbered. \ Now, to the earnings call. All the best.
I gave up responding to Mode, as I knew others would respond much more succinctly that I.
Just checking!
Okay - and on what authority do you make your assertions. FOFW!
Would someone please remind me, just how Google makes money from Android (genuine query)? In the good old days, when Apple enjoyed less than the dominant position in its market, we came here to discuss all things Apple in a very amiable atmosphere. Hopefully we'll get back to times like that. It seems as though the trolls think that unless Apple is top of its market, that the fanbois (yuck) cannot be truly happy. Well, news for them, this was once a much happier place.
What's that - will piracy be built in? (Oh-privacy. )
It's the panel Apple rejects that makes Apple the best - Apple.
Just going from 45nm to 28nm would make the move worthwhile if the capacity and reliability (yield) were there, assuming that Samsung isn't likely to get to 28nm soon. I would guess too, not knowing of course, that business divisions are such within Samsung, that there would be some pretty annoyed executives in the chip and display divisions if Apple moved just because of legal trouble between Apple and some mini-titan in the mobile devices division. \ All the best.
Yes, it will. However, we won't bother, there'll be new debates, new arguments and new trolls to slay (with kindness).
New Posts  All Forums: