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Thanks very much for the heads-up - interesting. My company used the Lisa and then went straight to Macs when they were released. I bought one from them for $50, a 512 k Mac. All the best.
Please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I have just upgraded a MacBook Pro 5,3 - 3.06 GHz, 4 GB RAM (July 2009) and the system profiler shows that it is not running a 64 bit kernel or extensions. Performed an installation over the top of 10.5.7 without setting any options. Is this result to be expected? Regards. Edit - so this is to be expected
The 3Gs will be my first iPhone. Next year you'll be taking delivery of a new 4Gs and we'll all be saying 'oh well, when my current contract ends'! Comes around and goes around. All the best.
Others will jump on you (and me ) for saying this but I at least agree. There was just simply no where for another port to go in the design that included a removable battery. Building the battery in, with the lesser constraints on the particular housing and even the shape, made room I think for other features, in this case, the FW800 port and the SD card slot. I think that the SD card slot will prove prescient, typical Apple. All the best.
I thought that too - sad. mastrouz and nine days, is this store going to be in the retail complex under the forecourt of the Louvre? All the best - tout le meilleur.
I for my part admit to having been excited by OpenDoc.
Well Done Apple. Get well Steve.
Yes - interesting isn't it! \
Nicely put.
Captain Obvious!
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