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As today.
The Industrial Revolution, which was actually a series of 'revolutions', occurred first in the United Kingdom in what was largely, though not entirely, an agrairian society and so of course, agriculture was an immediate beneficiary. However, many industries of very limited scope (by later standards), such as the textile, mining, chemical and machine industries exploded in capability and scope and so essentially, agricultural revolution was only a part of the picture. ...
This is not surprising, right? Apple has introduced manufacturing processes and techniques (well advertised by Apple) that lend themselves to automation. Then, Apple introduces increasing levels of automation. Finally, Apple builds a totally automated factory in... well, you name the location, having perfected the technology but remains competitive. In the 1950's and 1960's, Japan began its trajectory to a dominant position in manufacturing due to a cheaper,...
The same question would have been asked many, many times during the Industrial Revolution.
Volume AND profit... but, but, but... Android is more popular!
I agree. Obvious beyond question. \
At least for me, CS5 - PS, AI, ID and DW all started up, allowed me to create a document and the quit each without incident. Not exactly stress testing, although for Adobe... perhaps Windows 7 under Parallels on Lion was good for me, even performed some upgrades - you know, that's a bit like open heart surgery (or daycare on the Mac \)
Yours is an interesting and perceptive view and I feel that you have a valid argument. It seems that everyone except Apple does this... Apple's perspective, here's the best we can do, perhaps your life will be a little better off for it. \ All the best.
Very good! (Even two days would be worrying.)
I honestly think that Eric Schmidt's days at Google are numbered. \ Now, to the earnings call. All the best.
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