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Perhaps you have provided a need searching for a solution - a business opportunity perhaps! \
Dear C. Thanks for that. Looks just beautiful on my iPhone. I avoid Flash but haven't really been up with HTML5. If this is what to expect, fantastic. By the way, I didn't miss floppy drives when Apple abandoned them either! All the best.
I agree with you. A 27" iMac in the dorm and the iPad in class. I lecture in physics at a local university. Hopefully, I now won't need to lug my MBP into class. (There is apparently a dock with VGA output. The room server runs windows and employs Powerpoint and so I use my own system to circumvent the dinosaur era! I know - there is plenty in physics teaching that doesn't require a computer at all but I find one helpful! \) The students don't need one either. ...
Is there anything on the iBook software? Also, looking forward to hearing more about A4, not expecting details to be released though.
Noticed that too. \
Perhaps Apple will introduce a version of Pages, or some new application, that is specifically designed to take advantage of the tablet's capabilities and permit conversion of existing works also. I agree, printing to PDF for example, does not provide a document that takes advantage of the facilities that this new device will surely provide.
'Important' rather than, say, simply 'exciting'... If the attributed quotes are true, is this Steve Jobs' shot at defining personal computing until the day that we are ourselves re-wired with the capability, or will the release Wednesday be of a bigger iPod Touch?
Perhaps, when a finger and thumb are joined, a cursor comes up and hovers over the page, awaiting pressure on the surface to initiate touchdown:http://cradleme.com/CradleMe/Pinch_Cursor.html
...and were Apple to go with Bling by default, some headlines might read... 'Microsoft yet again saves Apple!''These were indeed dark days at Apple. Having been forced to drop the word Computer from the corporate name in recognition of the fact that only 5 - 10% (?) of the world's computers were produced by the company, Apple needed a new identity. Desperate to be freed of the G word sitting in the top right-hand corner of its home-grown browser, Steven Jobs turned to...
It would seem that most would find common ground on some points:(1) Steven Jobs is not interested in running with the pack, even a pack of which he might currently be top dog.(2) Apple will surely leverage the iTunes store.(3) Current iPhone/iTouch applications will run on the device (if there is one ).(4) The MacTouch (thanks Ireland!) will not cannibalise existing sales.(5) The MacTouch will not be an owner's primary phone!!! \(6) The device will run a unique OS that is...
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