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You are talking about WebGL, not HTML5.
I work for one of the large companies on the list... and I think its too low on the list... from my own experience, to what I read about most of these other companies, I think the list is quite accurate.
Now thats what I call a lot of cores!
I lost all mine during a iOS7 beta update where the app wasn't even changed... don't really feel like losing them again.
I get tired of "Christians" (and goes with other religions as well, but as a Christian, I'll just mention it) that think its a good idea to use law to force Christian principles on other people.   Jesus told us to spread the news and teach people... help lead them to Jesus and get them saved... not to form some Christian nation where you can live comfortably and force your views on everyone else.   Trying to force Christian views on other people does the exact opposite of...
hope they can get a GPU strong enough in the Mini to not run that high of a resolution horribly... and not kill the battery life as well.
Cool to know... I guess my 3rd party cables are legit as I've tried 2 and not gotten this warning.
I seriously doubt even with 802.11ac speeds, that you'll get data transferred noticeably faster with a SSD vs a HDD... Wifi is still pretty slow.
I think you have some speed issues... which version of PCIe are you talking about?  if its PCIe3, then Thunderbolt isn't even close.  Thunderbolt 1 is like PCIe 3 x1.25 slot ... and Thunderbolt 2 is like PCIe 3 x2.5 slot...  If your going all the way back to PCIe 2.. then thats basically half the speed of PCIe 3.   PCIe 4 is even faster... but still isn't finalized.
All the speculation on how Apple does builds is meaningless... you do not know how they do it.   I work on large projects and we have builds set to go off automatically every 15 minutes 24/7 if anyone has committed a change to the code.  If a problem comes back from the build, testing, or whatever... it informs everyone including the people that checked in the code, and it needs to be fixed ASAP, no matter the time of day.   The more often you make builds and...
New Posts  All Forums: