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All the speculation on how Apple does builds is meaningless... you do not know how they do it.   I work on large projects and we have builds set to go off automatically every 15 minutes 24/7 if anyone has committed a change to the code.  If a problem comes back from the build, testing, or whatever... it informs everyone including the people that checked in the code, and it needs to be fixed ASAP, no matter the time of day.   The more often you make builds and...
  This is just the same as the normal Free vs Pro version.  The free version for Windows, Linux, and Mac and Web Player all are missing those same features... so they they added in free iOS support, they also have it not supporting the normal Pro features so it matches up with all the other Free ones available.
In other news, more Ford vehicles are sold world wide than the total number of Toyota Camry sales.
  You are totally missing the point, and reading too much into what has been said.  The story is about a built in dock and better support for specific phone functions.  What do you tell all the people with their built in docks right now in 3 year old cars with Apple 30 pin connectors?  When the functionality is already there in current systems, and you can add in a holder for your phone yourself... this doesn't seem like a big deal.  Its cool, but nothing major.
my VW's system with bluetooth already works great... why would I need a dock?  This is like a news story over having a place to sit your phone in your car on the dash...?  I guess it can be useful... I don't see how it could be a major selling point though.
just like ipad 2 vs ipad 3... will the performance go down?  probably... I hope they keep the choice, and not force a retina only model that will have lower graphics performance, even if it looks nicer when it works.  It would probably be just as fast as the iPad 3 if we are lucky... 
Wow!  that sounds hideous!  I think they'd need to lighten up the aluminum color to almost white too, which can be done and still be aluminum. the 13" runs fine... not sure your problem with HD 4000. I have a 15" and 90% of everything I do on it I have the HD 4000 locked on and running a full 2880x1800 non scaled res, and it handles it great.  I only turn on the nvidia for playing a few games (some older ones I still run on the Intel because it runs cooler), and for...
Maybe, but that doesn't explain all of it. I'd like a higher end Mini and would gladly pay more for it than the 9.7" as its all about size and weight to me.The display looks great... That is an old and tired argument.next gen will probably still be 1024x768, but the 3rd will be Retina. The tech just isn't there for retina right now unless it performs horribly, or is bigger.That's code for "get rid of some of your other junk before buying more bigger junk"
I have a iphone 5, and a Retina MacBook Pro, and I think my mini screen looks just fine... I don't get the complaints.
Easy... competing map companies always try giving false data to competitors.  Apple cannot fix problems quickly, because they cannot trust people reporting errors, they have to confirm the new data is correct and the old is wrong, or the maps would be in worse shape than they already are. You expect them to trust information given by just anyone?  Data must be verified before changing it.
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