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why does everyone insist on saying "iPhone 5"   its unlikely they'll name it any number at all, but if they do, its the 6th iPhone model.   iPhone 1 = iPhone iPhone 2 = iPhone 3G iPhone 3 = iPhone 3Gs iPhone 4 = iPhone 4 iPhone 5 = iPhone 4s iPhone 6 = ??????????
  You do not sound blissful, but angry...?  Is the old saying of "Ignorance is bliss" really not true?     4 might be ok.. but I seriously HATE all these giant phones these days... 4" might be ok, I'll have to wait and see.  Its like we worked harder and harder to make small phones smaller and smaller... finally they could even fit in a pocket.  Now with Smart Phones they are doing the opposite and making them bigger and bigger...  Apple haters do this stuff everywhere....
after the 8600 though, Apple still used several others... The 9400s, 9600s, 320m, 330m were all after that and all didn't have the issues of the 8600.
hopefully thats a joke... or you are totally clueless.
Apple's policy of nickel and diming everything is outrageous.. I don't know why people who want to sell subscriptions don't just boycott the store. They want a 30% cut from someone who makes a subscription even though Apple never does anything to assist in that subscription at all... a 30% cut of something completely handled outside of Apple... which is ridiculous.   They should just put a note with it not being a link saying "this is for current users of...
    The article seems to imply otherwise... since its not free of charge since you cannot get it without a paid account if what you say is true.   of course the article also implies Gatekeeper could have prevented Flashback, when it couldn't  have done a thing about it.  
hmmm... I keep trying to go on and register so I can get my stuff a cert... but it appears they still only let paid membership developers actually do this... meaning if you don't pay apple, you dont get a cert.  I read earlier they would let anyone get a cert even if you don't pay Apple, but so far... i don't see a way to.
  level 3 = disabled :-P   While its.. ok... I still think its the first step... in a few more versions some of the "levels" might vanish.  They really want to set it to let App Store apps only, but they know they would end up losing a lot of users.     you do not have to do anything that complicated.  If you right-click the app and select to open it, it will give you a warning but you can click to allow the app.  You do not need to change your global setting.  I think it...
the most epic fail of a protest (or mock protest) is when no one knows what the heck your even protesting... or what your actual message is.   whoever they are... they failed... unless its some new "Wake Up" energy drink or something?
in other words... they blame Apple, when they should blame themselves... the real news is they cannot make a phone that can compete.
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