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Then the Intel guys said...off the record... "copying Apple is the best thing we've innovated in years!"
Translation... "We did a poll and everyone wanted Macbook Air... so we copied everything we could about it and called it Ultrabook."
This news just in... Apple releases a statement to the press to tell idiots around the world that every single electronic device ever made in the world by any company or person has the potential to catch fire!
I think some people are missing the point about freeware. Today, its not a big deal.. your right... but tomorrow? When the MAS gets so big and so common that 95% of all Mac users will never get anything, or even LOOK for anything other than in the MAS... that will kill off freeware developers. Why keep making a freeware app, if you've lost 70%+ of your user base, or if its a new app, you just cannot get people to use it because its not in the MAS. While some people...
I'm not talking about old software. Its possible to make a single app that runs on 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 10.7 and 10.8 ... why should we be required to kill off 10.4 and 10.5 just so it only runs on 10.6+ which it already did in the first place?You say its free.. please prove it. With a free developer account I try to get to anything about it and it says its forbidden and I need to sign up with a $99/year plan to even view the pages about it... let alone register.
gonna kill people who need to use older Xcodes for older OSX versions to make a single version to run on all.. since they require newer Xcode versions to sign apps... uhhhg... making an older 10.4+ app would be impossible to sign.
Wireshark... Wine.. including Crossover and Wineskin... but they bundle their own X11 builds inside, but still rely on some of XQuartz being installed.really? thats very short sighted. Java is a major software language that needs to be supported... X11 is also major on other *nix systems since it is THE windowing system on Linux, BSD, etc... it helps in easily making ports. Many current apps still using some Carbon, including stuff like MS Office 2011... hopefully...
while the CPUs are 64 bit, some of the systems are not capable of full 64 bit kernels due to other limitations, mostly in the EFI. There is a lot more to running a 64 bit machine than just the CPU.Here is what is happening... Apple wants to force the Mac App Store on everyone. It knows its users and developers don't want to be forced and it would backlash on them. So they are slowly working their way to get it done using psychology. They are convincing all their users...
putting he hurt on non MAS developers is the whole point... under the guise of security. I'm a bit upset with it at the moment because its going to play major havoc with people making Wineskin apps. I can register and get Wineskin Winery and Wineskin.app config an ok, but none of the apps people make with it will be, and will be super annoying to people trying to port programs for personal use, or share wrappers with other people.
not really.. he went way overboard with many things.. it is not status quo... You get home and see your kids threw a party and trashed the house... so Obama's plan at that point it to take out a flame thrower and torch the whole house to get rid of the mess.
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