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I just don't see a point in the Fire... at least for me. But of course I don't have a reason to get an iPad either. I do have a Kindle Touch, and I only use it for reading books... and I love it. Is mainly about the size and eInk display since trying to read for several hours on a glowing LCD screen makes my eyes and head hurt, but the eInk is like reading paper. The Kindle Fire loses that with a LCD screen...
How can you compare Android devices to iPhones? Thats like saying compare all Mercedes sold vs all cars that had 4 cylinder engines by every company in existence. While an iPhone is pretty much an iPhone, there are drastic differences in Android devices. Its possible to get 2 different devices that are not even alike in function.
and still only 1 store in Alabama... and its only been here a couple years... and is still a several hour drive 1 way for most people in the state. Its good they are focusing on worldwide, but it would be nice if they focused on users back home too...
I downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview, since anyone can... and installed it in VMWare Fusion.... I find it truly and utterly horrid.
This whole LDAP flaw thing getting reported around sounds like really bad reporting. If there is a bug in the client that is allowing full access to a server and bypassing all the security in place... it sounds like the bug in the client it taking advantage of a unpatched vulnerability in the server. The server should be secure and not allow a buggy client to access things it has no authentication with the server to access. This cannot be just a Lion bug alone.
Read the full patent application, as there is more to it than just stuffing 2 in 1
I'd rather have a recovery utility on a bootable USB stick...
wow... a new OS is coming out? first I heard of that on AI
This would be a good way to completely kill off the Mac business and be an iOS only company selling appliances and having no real "PC" People tolerated and jumped on bored with the PPC to Intel transition not because it was Apple, but because it was Intel. Apple switches to some junk that would be horrible for a Personal Computer for most people, and they could lose half their business. I don't think they are that stupid...Windows 8 will mostly likely have an ARM...
wow.. new Graphics drivers for Macbook Pros... and the headline only reads about Thunderbolt, which is basically useless today since nothing uses it...?
New Posts  All Forums: