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doesn't help if your drive fails...I'm sure Apple is smart enough to think of that... and will have something thats an option. Maybe when you purchase Lion in the Mac App Store they'll also send a DVD or USB stick to you.. maybe for an extra fee...nopeThis is perfectly normal. Your older retail discs didn't have the drivers for the new Macs.... there was no way for it to operate, so it wouldn't work.. you needed the discs that came with it that was probably already...
There is a really nice entry level ObjC/Cocoa book i like... its called "Beginning Mac Programming" by Isted. Its really nice and simple and explains programming concepts, and all its examples are in Xcode 3. It was a great beginners book in my opinion if you take it slowly and do all the examples... they build on top of each other through the book as you learn to do new things and add more features to the example programs.its pretty cheap at...
Why downgrade? You do know that a DisplayPort is better.. it even can even run higher resolutions than HDMI is capable of. Its only like $15 for a little adapter so you can plug it into HDMI.Your fan always runs all the time.. the fans never turn off. They just change speed. They idle at 2000 rpm and get faster if it gets hotter. I can turn on my AMD GPU, watch some videos, and my fans are still at 2000 rpm... it will get loud if I push the machine really hard and it...
probably $129 .... thats what every other version of OSX has cost except 10.0 to 10.1 and the special upgrade version from 10.5 to 10.6.
yes they can... they cannot use nvidia chipsets with IGPs, they must use intel chipsets... but they can still put in any GPU they want.. nvidia GPUs will work fine.
why? Why not just Mac OS 11? Max OS 2012 ...? why does the X or any roman numerals need to be there?Mac OS v11.0 is fine... just drop the X.and 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 10.16, 10.17, 10.18 ..... 10.932982347872877834682873473 ...very likely, but I'd rather them do Lioness. Lion is mainly about UI changes, just like Lions are mainly about looks and show... 10.8 would be refinements under the hood, just like a Lioness actually does all the work.
I'd agree if Apple actually was distributing anything. They are taking money for doing NOTHING. They do not host or distribute the content at all, in any way... the content publisher/developer still has to host the content the App can get to and download and pay for all that, plus pay Apple an extra 30% of it simply because its in an iOS App, even though they get NOTHING at all from Apple for this 30%. 30% for an App sale makes sense since Apple is doing something... but...
no... they do not dictate the price you sell it for in any shape... you are setting your own price based on many factors. They simply say, you cannot sell it in app for a higher price than you sell it for outside. Thats all. You are just twisting their words around to try to find something to complain about. You can sell your content for free, or 1 cent or 5 billion dollars... thats up to you... but you cannot price it higher in the app... thats all.
I was happy when AT&T changed... I'd rather them have kept an unlimited though, but... still I use about 50 - 100mb a month maximum in data... knocking down my data plan has saved me money. I'd hate to have to always pay $30 a month no matter what... now if it came with hotspot usage at that price, well I'd actually use it with my computer then, but they probably want even more for that.
this cannot be true... didn't you hear that the iPad isn't a computer and cannot be counted as computer sells... because if it did, it would make Apple the number 1 Computer seller in the US and number 3 worldwide, so none of the companies that keep track of this stuff will count it as a computer... so why can they count it this way?
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