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hopefully very soon... kill the stupid built in optical drives!!!
Most MS software, and Steam for sure.. are not eligible to be sold in the store. MS might be able to make special versions that can be, but currently not even MS Office 2011 meets the requirements. Steam will never meet the requirements because they don't allow any software that can download or sell other software.Won't ever happen unless Apple majorly relaxes its rules on the app store.They already allow free software. Its nothing to do with free or not free... Free...
you do realize that the graphics drivers for 10.6 are much better than anything 10.5 has... yes? Sure they had some minor issues when they came out for many GPUs, but that was fixed a long time ago.
overages? have you read the details of the plan? if you go over 2GB of data, they will automatically up you that month in 1Gb increments at $10 each... none of this 25 cents a mb crap of yesteryear. Up to 2gb, $25. 3G $35... 4GB 45... etc.. you just start at 2gb and don't pay more unless you use it.recycle... a iPhone, even an old one.. can fetch a pretty good price, rather than just "recycling" it.wow is that true? I thought everyone was supposed to cry and yell and...
they made is so it will build for both Windows and Mac... its much easier to do that by having the same UI... and not use OS dependent code any more than they need to. This also keeps the game looking and working the same on both platforms.
I know... this bugs the crap outta me. Every time I hear someone say "I'm a PC" I tell them they need to get some professional counseling, because they are in fact human... ignorant or stupid ones, but human none the less.
they call their keyboard "mouse" ???
if you have EyeTV 3.1.0 or earlier... UPDATE it in software update to 3.1.2 BEFORE upgrading to Snow Leopard. They only provide this upgrade inside the software with the built in updater.... then you'll be fine using it in Snow Leopard. If you do like me and didn't check, and upgraded to Snow Leopard and now cannot launch the program to even do an update, you have to go download the 3.1.3 Beta version and run that, no way to manually get 3.1.2
this problem isn't from strain on the cord, its from something made wrong inside... i had one do this that was taken very good care of, and hadn't even been unplugged or moved in weeks, then it burnt like this from the inside out. Its NOT from someone damaging the cord, or ripping it open, they actually burn from the inside out. This was a few years ago, on my Rev A MBP, and Apple had no problem replacing it when they looked at it... the replacement has worked fine for a...
so would you pay $500 for one with the same specs that was as big as a suitcase you had to lug around too? oh wait then it wouldn't be same specs.. cuz your only considering specs you care about. not everyone has the same needs. i'd gladly pay double for the same "spec" machine that is half the size and weight.
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