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I always hated Snapz, but used it.... but recently I started using Screenium, and its sooo much better than Snapz. Everyone should switch over to Screenium, its even cheaper too.
what macbook Pro? I've run mine with the integrated graphics, bluetooth off, WIFI on... screen half bright, using the internet and MS Word, and its lasted OVER 5 hours... 5:20 from the time i woke it up (wasnt even full to start, like 96%) to the time it was to 2% and saying better plug in or else... not sure whats wrong with yours!
thats not true.. even many years ago I ran different brands of multiple video cards in Windows machines... matching cards are mainly for SLI or Crossfire type set up where the cards are gong to work together, not independently... Macs can be picky... I'd make sure they'd work together for sure before investing.
I dont get all the hate for the Geforce 9400M.... sure its integrated intot he chipset.. but why is everyone stuck with the thinking that integrated means bad? the 9400M is almost as fast as the older 2600 ATI, and readily beats the old 2400 ATI they used... this isnt intel integrated junk, nvidia makes some good integrated graphics.
I have tried 11 different stereo plug devices in my Macbook Pro (unibody late 2008) jack now.. mostly headphones, and a few speakers. Only 2 things I've plug in were Apple branded... and they all work just fine, no problems at all in any way... Maybe its a manufacturing defect on some Macbooks?
why would they actually find out what they are talking about? The only Apple laptop currently sold that don't have Firewire, is the aluminum Macbook. The white Macbook (even the new one with the Geforce 9400s) and all the Macbook Pros all have Firewire, and can run firewire 400 or both 400/800 devices. The few people that want Firewire in their Macbook are mad because they have to spend less money to get one with Firewire, and have to put up with a plastic case.
Safari is faster for me too, and very stable.... but thats only since Safari 3... version 2 and before I used Firefox most of the time... but as good as 3 has been, I rarely use firefox anymore, as Safari is very stable now, and runs overall much faster.
I dunno.. i got some decent deals at circuit city just yesterday... Product i wanted that best price I could find online before shipping was $80 (at newegg.com), I got it at circuit city for a total price of $46 then + 10% sales tax... still pretty cheap. The liquidation companies and the employees left there have no idea what's going on, and don't care. The computer has prices different than what is labeled on the shelf (all the ones i bought and other people I talked...
nothing you ask makes any sense... not all hormone problems can be found from blood tests, since many hormones never even enter the blood... some have secondary indicators in the blood, but not direct.. and some you just cant get anything from the blood... and healthy weight gain does take a long time, 6 months is a pretty normal time, depends how much he needs to gain, and the exact hormone and other issues he has.
if you've seen his medical records, you were allowed to and should be smart enough to not talk about it... Steve's letter is very direct and enough information to see whats going on, without the need to think hes lying. Most people who think hes lying aren't medical professionals. Do you really expect anyone who has had parts of his pancreas, small intestines, and stomach removed is NOT going to have some hormone and weight problems?
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