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he/she is kidding? I doubt it, you make it sound like you disagree, then you go on to say the same thing. maybe you misread the post which was saying that Apples graphics card options totally stink and are like 2 year old technology when they are "new."
while it would be great to swap out batteries... you need to have your phone checked out, or stop running the screen on full brightness. Ive used GPS for navigation before for a few hours and didn't even drain half my battery... less than an hour? ouch, sounds like you might have a bad battery or something.
if you actually read any of it you'd see it was mainly about comparing "PC" vs Mac and Obama vs McCain.. and similarities (or lack thereof)
thats what you did... all i did was make joke about mass resurrections...
you forgot that Obama is going to resurrect the millions of iraqis and billions of others that Bush single-handedly killed.
I'm sorry if you took offense or thought anything I said was meant as an insult. I was only stating facts, that any objective, educated, person could see were correct... and only an irrational person would think in another way....(oh by the way, you act like your talking to one person, when its multiple people replying back to you...)
You really believe that? wow... you honestly believe that everyone, or even most people, with the same exact heap of facts present will think exactly the same about them? I find that very ignorant. Your statement basically implied (though I know it wasn't intentional, or obvious to yourself) that your opinions on the matter are right because its you, and so your opinions are facts, yet anyone who has a different opinion is just an irrational opinion. I think you have...
havent read every post here... but i export shows from EyeTV, and play them on my ipod touch... they worked beofre 2.0 update and are still working after 2.0 update... which options for export are you using in EyeTV? maybe its the max rez ones? I just use the slightly lower ones that is labeled as export for iPhone. did one just today and it works fine. Maybe its just a problemon the iphone and not the itouch?
I had a similar issue on mine, and it is not a black screen, just it has no backlight. Not sure its the same issue, but it happened quite often switching in apps (mainly games) switching between full screen and window mode... the machine would lock up sometimes, and when i rebooted, the OS would just look like a black screen. I found out looking closely, the screens backlight was just off, but the screen brightness keys wouldnt work until i logged in. I typed in my user...
this > that this is greater than that most I've seen wanting arrows do like... this -> that
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