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or thats an old prototype iphone 5....?
That's why you don't order it like that. I just went down and bought one at Walmart.
Thats called the death of Mac... and then sticking the old dead name on a few iOS lines to make it look like Macs are still around.
just found a 64gb version in stock with Walmart... pays to shop around  :-P
the funniest thing about that video... When he runs off to get the working tablet and you look in the audience, about everyone with a laptop had a glowing Apple on it...
Why do you need a Firewire port?  You do realize that all your firewire devices will still run if you really want to use them, you can get an adapter and run them on thunderbolt.   YOu need to learn a thing or two about home "burned" CD and DVDs... they aren't as permanent as you think.  The tech big industries used to make discs that are sold with software or movies and music and such are NOT the same tech your home burner uses... and you can very well lose your data...
At least start with the truth... the GOP does want to invest in the military, but they also want to invest more in education, as several people, including Romney has said.
  Not many, but there are a few that are really big about their founders and leaders who would... FedEx will probably do some major stuff and website videos and such when Fred Smith goes.
assume much?   I dislike his "music" ... I'm sure he's just fine himself, i do not know him.  You assume prejudice just because I don't like something you may like?   You also don't have a concept of what art is, and that music is art.... and no music doesn't require rhythm.  I was only pointing out that what most people define as music changes greatly over the years.  In current day, just about anything can be considered music, and its perfectly valid... I was not saying...
what does it have to do with music?  This guy wasn't doing music.. he was doing performance.   Of course really since music is art, anything can be considered music, so I guess its music...  I can also call flatulence music too.
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