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the G965, the broadwater with graphics version, will be out in a couple months, and is supposed to be quite a bit faster, and support more features, some important ones like hardware T&L.
the Xeon 5100 series is Woodcrest, the Core 2 Extreme are Conroe, not Woodcrest. But remember that Conroe and Woodcrest are almost the same chip anyways. This article is just plain wrong, someone did too much assuming.
yes Mac Pro sounds stupid, and i hope they will call it Power Mac or have like a MacTower (Core 2 Duo aka Conroe) and MacTower Pro (Xeon 5100s aka Woodcrest). Just because apple filed for "Mac Pro" doesnt even come close to proving anything, they have hundreds of things like this they have done and never used. With the way they are renaming stuff and using the word Mac with all the computers, and Pro for pro lines, its possible they are only doing it to stop others...
Actually that should work just fine. As far as i can tell Dual Link is not required to run the 30", its only required to hit the max res. The iBook cannot run the 30" at max res (2560x1600) but it shouldnt have any problems running it at 1920x1200.
Apples laptops are thinner and lighter at the same price points than Dells (and yes i checked the website). If you dont think that takes money, you are very misinformed. Even Dell charges more for their smaller laptops with less in specs than their bigger bulkier higher end laptops. If it doesnt take money, and size doesnt matter, why not just get a desktop, its cheaper than a laptop.
thats strange that newegg has many brands that cheap, while crucial and many other direct memory sellers are double that price. Grabbing 2 1gb sticks under 200 would be very nice and saving a lot of money, just dont grab one stick, make sure you keep matching paris of memory. It will work without matching pairs, but the intel GMA950 will suffer a lot. I'm not sure who to trust though, as some of the bigger better brands have double the prices, or the same prices for much...
kind of, yes, but its still cheaper per episode
purchase? I'd love to hav emost of all the Mythbusters this way, but they are purchase only? They need to set up the season type subscription thing like they have with other shows.
that was just horrid. Whoever did this study has no clue how to properly compare computer hardware.
It would actually cost some people more to do that. To go from 2x256 to 2x512 Apple is charging $100. Outright buying 2 512 sticks is going to cost you about $140 at least. Then you have to go through the hassle of trying ot sell the old 2 256mb sticks to recoup the price. I can see your point if your looking at the 2gb upgrade as 2 1gb sticks would be around $300, and you could save $200 even if you threw away the 2 256mb sticks. And no, you dont want to buy 1 1gb...
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