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Apple is a well known brand, and in the news a lot.  While they are dong better than their competitors, they of course are not doing enough, and shouldbe setting an even better example for everyone else.  We should boycott iPhones until they are made out of 100% wood.
  YOU SAW IT TOO!!!!!!.... I thought it was just me!!!!  You had to have seen it to know all the details!
well that might be cool... you know you could sign up for Google Voice and use something like Talkatone, and you'd have virtually a full phone to use the data line, a phone number and everything.
1024x768 is horrid...   hopefully they do Widescreen, or do 'Retina' at 1600x1200, which they'd be able to do some work to make things stretch and look right for other iPads since its the same aspect ratio.
  yuck... if it had specs similar to an iPhone 5 I'd get it ... I don't want a smaller iPad because of price, I'll pay more for it if I have to... i just want a smaller iPad.  If thats the specs I may end up staying iPad-less, and going Android.
So you get used to using too much space on iCloud ... so at the end you end up subscribing to pay for more space.  They don't want to lose you paying them for something.
Glad my employer is really big on work-life balance, and really try to make sure the employees do not work over 40 hours a week... some people need to find better jobs.  Occasionally I've had to work more... even over 60, but thats very rare, most weeks just about 40.  I do not get paid by the hour though, or get overtime, so I really don't want to work more than 40 unless I need to.  No one requires it of me, but if I don't meet deadlines, I'll start having performance...
I don't care what the laws are... 60 hours a week is excessive, even if the law said 90 hours a week was required. just because something is a "law" doesn't mean its right.
The physics one is completely stupid... its like they think people are idiots or something.   ... "How can it be bigger and smaller?"  its NOT!!!  its smaller in volume, and bigger in some dimensions and smaller in others... does it even take a 3rd grader to understand 3D space?
while this is nice... it doesn't really matter.  Its a better phone overall than something like the galaxy S3 even if it was slower in most benchmarks.
New Posts  All Forums: