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please pray hrd that there will be no Powermac replacements yet... please pray that Apple is smart enough to wait for the desktop Core chips (aka "Conroe") because otherwise theyll use some of the current crappy P4 core chips like a pentium-D... and that would totally stink!! those things suck so bad... the 2ghz Core Duo benchmarks across the board higher than a 3.2ghz Pentium-D
There is no way they can get away with a GMA950 only. I mean they may have a low end MacBook with one, and a higher end one with like a X1300 64mb, or whatever... but the 950 is a major downgrade to the radeon 9550s they were using before, and it would be totally stupid to have the 950 as the only option.
second processor kicks in? who told you that? thats funny to even say... but anyways mine has no high pitched whine... The bottom gets hot, sure, so did my PB G4, and so does my Dell Latitude... actually the Dell gets even hotter than my MacBook Pro. I get great reception wirelessly on this, the range is great, not sure where you thinking its bad comes from... I've found no problems with this thing at all yet, and the only time i can hear a high pitched whine noise is if...
Because there isnt as much of a demand... its big honking ugly easy to produce machine... Your acting like just because they both have the same processor, that somehow everything else is equal....
Yes it slow performance, but have you looked for benchmarks that show the performance of the previous Mini card, the radeon 9200? here is one...http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Ha...ic_r92p/4.html in that at 1024x768x32 the 9200 64mb is getting a 3Dmark 2001SE of 7208. In your own link from Extremetech, they got int he same benchmark, on the intel 950 a 7483 Yes it sucks, but no its not a downgrade
Ok, first off the EyeTV things, the cheap ones rely all on your computer, where the more expensive ones have their own hardware to take care of most of the processing. as far as the Intel Integrated 950, its about on par with a Radeon 9200 that was in the old mac Minis. I did some searching around for some benchmark scores (under windows at least) for both chips. I found some testing from 3DMark 2001SE for both cards. both at 1024x768x32 the intel 950 was getting a...
i ran my battery from 100% down to 1%... was under 3 hours and 38 minutes of use, and 2 hours of sleep. guess it all depends how you use it... but id say 4 hours would be max if i was doing ultra power saving. Id list it as 1.5 hours to 4 hours in general
Intel has delayed release of the Merom core chips. They willbe shipped to system builders by the end of the year, and willbe available in machines early next year. There is also the possibilty of them delaying again (it actually quite common by them) Because of this, im pretty sure the 17 will have a Yonah core.
I liked how Real player used to hose my whole system up all the time... that was the best feature.
the developer machines ran OSX and only had intel integrated video by default.
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