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actually Intel has pushed back the Merom release to the end of the year shipping, and should see it in computers early next year.http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/02...oadmap_feb_06/
the problem is some of us are dying here with our irrational wants and desires
strange yours would say the 23rd... it says est. shipping 28th on apple web page, but the email said that it would ship by the 28th, which means anytime before. With a VP of apple saying they are starting to ship that model this week, ill think i might get it before the 28th
did you mean the 28th? i ordered mine the night before that, the same stock machine, and it says my est. shipping is the 28th
i also got an email saying mine was upgraded to a 2.0. It bascialyl said because of the upgrade it wont be until the 28th its shipped. Hopefully they are giving everyone this info, but will get some out sooner because all the press releases ive seen said they will start shipping laptops this week. Whose are they shipping this week if those of us that ordered on the day it was announced have to wait 2 more weeks? I'm seriously tempted to just cancel my order and get...
jobs have been slightly different.. but have always worked in the IT industry... dont plan on leaving... maybe switch job types, but not leave the industry
local compusa near me has a rather nice Apple section... but the staff really do not know anything. Ive heard many salespeople at many similiar retail stores.. just making things up to make a sale. Not sure what can be done about it, but many people out there make their decisions based on wrong info, and beleive its true. Its hard to find even technicians that have a clue
Mac should do some marketing from the PC world... release a 1.4ghz G5 system... but you cant call it that.. call it the G6 5000 Super Duper technology system
have to agree, they should make the file sharing, and connecting to remote servers, much easier to do. Its not very Mac like at all
i wouldnt mind seeing that at all, id prolly just flip to QVC just to see it even though i wouldnt buy off there. There is many many things Aple could do to sell more, and they dont do it... we can specualte all we wont, but we will never really know why. Almost everyone i run into have heard of Apple and Macs, but know absolutly nothing about them, because the info just isnt being thrown out there as much as Windows based PCs
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