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sure... thats the solution.  So if some club downtown is murdering their guests, no need to call the police or anything, just everyone can start going to a new club, problem solved!   Its not nagging the FCC to tell them that AT&T is breaking the law! Thats so insightful... your right, everyone in the world is just like you... and never use Facetime... and have no clue how to use headphones when they do it so others don't hear... Just because you do not use something...
whats that have to do with phone calls? its about data... you know using the internet and stuff...
5 = 5 years of iPhone
  and what prices are you actually getting for your usage?  Last I did the math with what I do, I would be paying just about the same monthly fee either way... if thats the case why not get the discount off the purchase price?  Its not like I'm going to stop using the phone in under a couple years.
so he is saying he was so stupid he never read the agreement he was agreeing to until after he had spent thousands of dollars over the years, and its Apple's fault he didn't read it and doesn't agree with it and kept spending money anyways?
please tell me then why the Korean court even found that Samsung had infringed on patents if Samsung is so innocent and Apple is so evil?
  really?  Thats very interesting   This vulnerability only affects Java 7... Java 7 doesn't even run on any Mac OS X older than 10.7 Lion.  Please tell me how these legacy Macs running Java 5 or 6 is somehow more vulnerable to a Java 7 attack?   Default Prompted install of Java for 10.7 and 10.8 is still Java 6 as well.  To get Java 7 on 10.7 or 10.8 you have to manually go get the installation package from somewhere like java.com.   EDIT: ok, last I looked this was a...
if the advertised it better... it would go better.  Most Mac users have no idea there is a 10.8 even out there... and I talked to 2 people in the last month using 10.6 that didn't even know there was a 10.7 let alone a 10.8.
I still don't know why they hired someone to put in charge thats done nothing but run retail businesses into the ground and made then &$*#&.
  That is a lot of assumption on your part... somehow they can fit the same CPU and ram and storage and such from an iPad 2 in an iPhone, yet they couldn't fit it in a 7" device?  so your thinking its going ot be some horrid iPhone 1 level performance iPad?  Right now they could make a 7" with the same specs as the iPad 3, but with a smaller lower res screen, and get similar battery life.
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