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Looks like the numbers being reported each may have been what Apple wanted... that would total 2.5 billion, and not the actual award amounts.
i thouht so.. but Appleinsider post here still says "$1.05B"
why did the headline change to say 1 billion in damages?  from what I saw, it was much higher... 1 count alone was 1.5, and many other million ones... it should be over 2 billion.
    You need to take some marketing classes... a name matter a lot.
  This is a case going on worldwide in many courts.  Its possible that they could not risk telling Apple to get lost... and looking like they were bought off or paid.  It was safer to at least find 1 thing they could do like this to make it look like they were not biased or paid off at all, but make sure in the end Apple had to pay out more than they had to get paid.  Its possible that if this wasn't in the news, the outcome would be very different, and I wouldn't be...
is that a joke?  I doubt they'll live much longer, they are already in Bankruptcy right now. Parallels is getting too far ahead in numbers... and they need something new to sell for money.  If they called it like 4.5 they couldn't charge everyone for it. Crossover uses Wine, to run Windows software without Windows.  Like anything Wine based.... *if* you can get your program working right, it usually runs better than a VM could do... but its not always easy or possible to...
  Most people who want the iPad Mini aren't desperate...  I want one because the current iPad is just too big... I want the same thing slightly smaller.  I don't give a *#(*$ what other companies are using for sizes... its not about copying them.  So many people are against it just because they think its "copying" some other company...     If they release a fully functional iPad at 7.85 inches, and they are STUPID enough to name it "iPod Touch" then I doubt I'll ever be...
of course it does.   ML Release and ML GM were identical.. exactly the same... its the same build, they didn't even rebuild it.   I got an email from Apple even stating this fact and told me I had ML for free now for helping test.
I like how they compared the screen size to the Galaxy, then said the Galaxy still had the edge... lol... the edge in being too big?  If thats really the iPhone 6th model, it looks like a much better phone size than the galaxy.  I've really been hoping they won't be going overboard on size like some Android-based phones have been.
if they just asked "what is better" then the data means nothing.   To one person that means "what is faster"   to another person that means "what fits in my budget better"   To another that could mean "uses less battery power so my phone lasts longer"   etc etc...
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