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poor little multi-billion dollar companies...   So... your saying if Samsung made a net loss in a quarter, but Mom&Pop country produce store on the corner of a little town in middle of no where pulled in a profit of $50,000 with their 5 employees... that they are now bigger than Samsung!!  Cool!!
Why do people keep calling it iPhone 5?  The iPhone 4s was the 5th iPhone.  It'll just be called iPhone (and referred to as a 2012 model), or they'll call it iPhone 6.
$30 only sounds like a lot if you were looking at the price someone was paying... subsidized with a 2 year contract and not the full phone price.  $30 per phone does not mean an increase of $30 to buy the phone... it would be partially increase, and Mobile Networks would end up covering it probably by adding some other hidden little fee over the life of a 2 year contract making it barely noticeable.
this is Best Buy returns... people lie most of the time because they are afraid to tell the truth thinking they'll get denied a refund.   "I thought it was an iPad" is probably not something someone would say even if it was the truth.  Most people who return something for no reason other than they wanted to "borrow" it for a week to play with it, or just decided they want their money instead... will say "it doesn't work right!" thinking its the only way they can be...
no... all MBP Retina models have always come with 1gb GDDR5 GT 650m GPUs... its the ONLY option and that is NOT changed.  You may be thinking of the classic MBP 2012 15" low end that has a 512mb version... but its always been 1gb on the retina.
  Just to be clear... the Macbook Pro with Retina Display does indeed have a 2880x1800 display... While by default its scaled so things appear to be like they are running on a 1440x900 display, and you can scale that up to 1920x1200 or to some other settings... the display is still 2880x1800, and all of Apples default settings really do run at 2880x1800 and do some scaling.  Thats why when you change the scaling it says things like "Looks like 1920x1200" and not "is...
  Apple wasn't bailed out... here is a good description of what really happened.   http://www.zdnet.com/blog/apple/stop-the-lies-the-day-that-microsoft-saved-apple/7036
a lot more than just that if you read the article.  There are already hearing aides that can use bluetooth.
so if you won a free car... you paid $0 for it... is it worth $0 ?If you find an item you want to buy thats normally $500... on sale for $400, and buy it... everyone else's is worth $500, but yours is only worth $400?
what does that have to do with what I said? Never said anything had to be discarded, just updated. Any manufacturer should be able to have an input and get standards modified if needed. I never meant to imply any company should be able to make any change they want no matter what, but Apple has the best track record or any... so when I said "X, Y, and Z" i should have noted they were very updated current newer tech and good "green" things. EPEAT is like any other...
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