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so if you won a free car... you paid $0 for it... is it worth $0 ?If you find an item you want to buy thats normally $500... on sale for $400, and buy it... everyone else's is worth $500, but yours is only worth $400?
what does that have to do with what I said? Never said anything had to be discarded, just updated. Any manufacturer should be able to have an input and get standards modified if needed. I never meant to imply any company should be able to make any change they want no matter what, but Apple has the best track record or any... so when I said "X, Y, and Z" i should have noted they were very updated current newer tech and good "green" things. EPEAT is like any other...
Here is what really happened in a terribly paraphrased and simple way Apple: we need to update EPEAT standards... we want to do this X, Y, and Z. EPEAT: no way Apple: well we'll just leave EPEAT and make our own standards EPEAT: yeah sure, right... we'll call your bluff Apple: bye! (removes everything) EPEAT: oh no.. they are really going to do this... as much as Apple seems to lead the industry, they might cause problems for us if they make competing standards... EPEAT:...
They don't want to throw the market into disarray buy calling it a computer... but really, the iPad is a full portable computer. It doesn't have to look like a computer from 10 years ago to still be a computer.
he is still a programmer. Being a programmer doesn't require having clients. You may be a hungry programmer, or busy doing other things to make money, but your still a programmer.the question is stupid to try to make children think... and your answer is wrong. Sound waves are produced without any help from an ear, human or otherwise. Sound waves can also affect things without ears. making a sound means producing a sound wave... so yes, sound waves can be produced even...
While the statement might be funny... I'd say a big +1 for Steve. He's lost a lot of weight and looks much healthier.
nope... it'll be priced like the old ones, but on the baseline your looking at 4gb of ram.. 128gb SSD, and Intel HD 4000 graphics only. On the nice side the screen will be 2560x1600.The main difference between the new Pro and the 13" Air is the faster CPU and Retina display.
people keep on going on about a cheaper ipad... I don't care if its the same price... a iPad just like the current one scaled down into a 7 inch size...I'd buy that for sure since the current one is too big.
I'm not worried about a "cheaper" iPad, I just think a 7 inch size would be nicer... I don't own an iPad right now though I like them, but I'd highly consider grabbing a 7inch.
don't be so sure about that.  I have a MBP 17" that has a faulty headphone socket, but I have never informed Apple, and the thing is over a year old... it never worked right from day 1... it doesn't bother me enough to go without my machine for a week to get it repaired..   I doubt I'll ever get it fixed, I just don't care about it, but if what I'm using the machine for changes while its still under warranty, i'll get it fixed, but I wouldn't expect any company to believe...
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