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i really liked Samsung's explanation...   well, it doesn't infringe, but even if it did, you shouldn't stop the sales because it doesn't even compete with Apple's iPad because they are using 3G and we are using 4G   lol...   That like a car company copying a car 75% of the way, then saying... well it doesn't really compete with the product we copied because we put in a 300 hp engine and not a 200 hp engine.
does this actually do *paid* subscriptions?  Right now you have to do paid for subscriptions that need a user name and password in iTunes on a Mac or Windows machine, and then sync it to your iOS device because the iOS device has no way to get it.  If this lets you get podcasts that need a log in, that would be fantastic.
those poor cheap Windows uers hardly ever pay anything but the rock bottom possible, so thats all they can show them... then hope they make a sale.
glad my rMBP doesn't do that.. I tried testing it leaving something like that on the screen for 30 minutes and there was never any retention of the image through many different color backgrounds.
whats this have to do with that at all?  This has nothing to do with store policies.   But.... having most downloaded apps show up first isn't always a good thing to do.  It means people will see the most famous apps first, so it will be hard for newer and maybe better apps to ever compete with well established apps.  That said, the older search method wasn't any better.
    nothing weird like that for me... sure you typed the address in right?
I don't have a framerate checker... none built into Skyrim... and I don't run it on Windows, but ported with Wineskin I can run it ultra with 2880x1800, and during some really big action with special effects, so when some things are still caching a few seconds after a loading screen, it can get jerky, but most of the time its very smooth.  I don't play it like this though, I've been playing it at 2048x1280, and it runs great.  I'm sure it would run great completely native...
i dont get how people pay so much for complete crap just because its part of history... sheesh
I ordered it monday about 3:30 central, 1:30 pacific, and it says 5 to 7 days at that point. I ordered the standard high end MBP-R with the ram bumped up to 16gb.  i didn't order extra stuff (dvd, adapters, etc) because I'm going to get a $100 'back to school gift card' which I'll use to get accessories later  :-)
eh.. the 500GB Momentus XT wasn't that great.  I have a 1 month old 750gb one that is much better than the 500... at least its noticeably faster than a standard hard drive, but its still pretty slow next to a decent SSD. uhhhggg.... i ordered mine monday too, and they didn't get it ready for shipment until 7am Friday in Shanghai, then FedEx sat around and waited and didn't pick it up til 12 hours later.... and it missed the Friday night flight out.  At least FedEx flies...
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