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lol... if they release a 13" MBPR, I seriously doubt it'll have any GPU in it let alone the 650m... 
really?  who was that.  I think it was a vast minority that thought they could make a macbook Air thin style Pro without having soldered in parts... you may think no one believed you, but you were in the majority. really, and your laptop is what... 4 or 5 times bigger than this thing? You must not own any Macs... or most other brands of computers?  Samsung parts are in almost everything. its always 2 years added to the original 1 year.  The savings comes from the fact you...
I have no fear buying it.  It'll be my 4th v1 machine from Apple, and its all been good before... to me it seems a myth all these people saying don't by the first version.
glad I got my order in when I did yesterday... still under the 5 to 7 days, even though mines CTO with 16gb of ram high end model.  Says delivery will be between the 21st and the 25th.  Their estimates are usually conservative.  I've "pre-orderd" machines like this from Apple twice before and always got them ahead of the estimates.
whats the love of AMD GPUs?  The drivers are horrid, and there are all types of problems that have to be worked around with those... they are not all that great.
yeah, I don't get that, and I don't think its true. Even my older MBP stops charging the battery when I'm pushing the machine hard, as there is just not enough power left to do it. it fit on the air because they could fit things in at angles.  With the flat side, the port doesn't fit.  They would have to had made the machine wider to use angles (and look ugly), or thicker.... or make a new port.  I think the new port was the best option. just leave the adapter to use...
i ordered a new retina display Pro... but it kept charging me $100 for the free $100 gift card it was putting in my cart.   I chatted with someone at Apple and they said to just remove the card and place the order and call back next week and talk to someone to have a free card sent out to me.
LSD was a life changing experience.... yeah I bet it was  :-P
why does everyone insist on saying "iPhone 5"   its unlikely they'll name it any number at all, but if they do, its the 6th iPhone model.   iPhone 1 = iPhone iPhone 2 = iPhone 3G iPhone 3 = iPhone 3Gs iPhone 4 = iPhone 4 iPhone 5 = iPhone 4s iPhone 6 = ??????????
  You do not sound blissful, but angry...?  Is the old saying of "Ignorance is bliss" really not true?     4 might be ok.. but I seriously HATE all these giant phones these days... 4" might be ok, I'll have to wait and see.  Its like we worked harder and harder to make small phones smaller and smaller... finally they could even fit in a pocket.  Now with Smart Phones they are doing the opposite and making them bigger and bigger...  Apple haters do this stuff everywhere....
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