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 Which "sources" are saying that Apple is on the brink of disaster? Surely only the most hardcore Android fan site would attempt that argument. You keep making out that the media is biased against Apple but that just doesn't reflect the reality! Mainstream media coverage of Apple is typically very favourable.
If Android is so awful...   If Android is not successful...   If Android represents no threat to Apple...   ... then why, Dilger, are you constantly talking about it? Either you don't believe the above things are true, or these articles are purely clickbait. Either way, they demean this website.
 Because that QHD screen and 16MP camera are really bargain basement compared to what you get in an iPhone 6...
Spotify is great. I can't really think of anything that would make me switch to Beats or anything else. It does everything I want it to.
That is the least 'Apple-y' thing I've ever seen!
In a year where Ebola ravaged western Africa, Russia invaded Ukraine, IS took over large swathes of the Middle East, three airliners were lost and the world marked the centenary of World War I, only a writer like Dilger would propose that the world 'revolved around Apple Inc'.
They also get a lot of positive commentary regarding their hardware designs, sales figures, etc.Apple is a really high profile company and is prominent in the public consciousness. In other words, people will read about Apple. That's why everything Apple-related tends to get reported - good or bad, well-founded or spurious.
 Even when he's just discussing numbers, his pieces are usually written from the viewpoint that the there is an unfair media bias against Apple - that the media tries to undermine Apple and support competing products. This is just not true. The portrayal of Apple in the mainstream media is, on balance, positive. But pretending it isn't in order to adopt a siege mentality stirs up the hive so much more effectively.
What does this do that Spotify doesn't?
I score every time Dilger spews another Android slur piece onto the internet. Sadly it doesn't make up for choking on the verbal dysentery that he shoves down our throats on a regular basis.I've said it before and I'll say it again: Dilger's posts are a disease on this website. He also lacks basic intellectual hygiene, given the various sock puppet accounts he posts from in support of them.
New Posts  All Forums: