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This is stupid. The MBA is a better product because it's a really good laptop, as opposed to a mediocre laptop half-heartedly pretending to be something else.
Dilger, your posts are a disease on this website. Instead of reading about Apple, we get to read your mouth-foaming diatribes about Samsung every single week!   Give me a P, give me an A, give me a THETIC.
It's more a matter of needing balance within an individual article. The way DED writes, you would think competing products had no merits at all, which is not true. You can make anything look bad if you exaggerate its flaws and ignore its strong points. It is inaccurate, myopic journalism calculated to generate clicks and little else.
 But the whole point is that this article, like most of Dilger's articles, isn't about Apple at all. It's another Android/Samsung slur piece. Given that it's APPLEinsider, why is DED given free rein to bang on about Samsung so much? If he wants to spend an hour a day dredging up obscure negative content about Samsung then let him, but for goodness sake don't make it front-page news - that's just embarrassing. Either this site is a venue for insightful and well-informed...
 Don't own Samsung, never will. I just can't for the life of me see why Dilger has to keep going on about them on an Apple website. He talks more about Samsung than he does about Apple. Anyone with that level of visceral hatred for a hardware company has problems.
Can you just clarify something for me, Dilger - is Samsung's devotion to extremely high resolution numbers a spec list checkmark? You said it twice in the article, so I thought you might like to say it a third time in the comments. Hey - if you posted under one of the additional usernames you use when you want to comment on an article without being associated with it, maybe you could say it a fourth or fifth time! But seriously, do you even proofread this drivel?
 I tried the iPhone 6 last week for the first time. Boy, does that screen look noticeably inferior to the 1080x1920 screens which have been available on comparable Android and Windows Phone devices for multiple years. I guess my eyes have adjusted to higher-quality screens over time.
 `Yeah, well done Dilger for predicting that Apple would reduce its reliance upon a major competitor in the mobile phone market! What levels of prescience he must have to produce such a prediction. A few more might even counteract the monomaniacal drivel he churns out week after week after week.
 I predict they're not. Samsung makes an enormous range of products. I don't think there are going to be any profit warnings just because they're not making chips for iPhones at the moment.
Does it particularly matter that the battery doesn't last more than a day? It only needs to last as long as the phone it's connected to, since these things are pretty useless when separated from the phone. Most people don't get much more than a day out of an iPhone (or any other high-end smartphone). The watch is just another thing to charge every night.
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