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 Caller ID doesn't display names in the UK, just numbers.
Android implements this feature much more comprehensively. You can search for businesses direct from the phone app. It will even run the search against incoming calls so you can see who is calling you.
 He does make stuff up, all the time. The suggestion that al-Qaeda might be running an Android smartphone botnet was not only a conjecture but a ridiculous one.
HAHAHA. Even for you, Dilger, that is ridiculous. If al-Qaeda's cyber-terrorism strategy is based on a supercomputing cluster of cheap smartphones, then I doubt the West has much to worry about. Do you actually read back the drivel you're writing? What does this article even have to do with Apple? It's just another misconceived Android slur piece whose logic is no more advanced than 'terrorists use Android and terrorists are bad, so Android must be bad'. I know...
There's no profit in the Windows PC market because it's a race to the bottom using crap components.   There's plenty of money in Windows, especially selling to corporates. No company in any of the professional services industries is ever going to  use Macs.
 Windows isn't 'winning'. Windows has won.  It has 90%+ market share for desktop operating systems. How is that 'not winning'?
 How is it any different from iPhones being designed to generate sales on Apple's various storefronts, or an Android phone being designed to direct traffic to Google's search portals? Everyone's trying to lock you into an ecosystem. 
 I've read that sentence five times and still have no idea what's wrong with it.
 Almost the entire article is focused on suggesting that Android is insecure. The author has seized the reanimation of a botnet which doesn't even affect Android devices as an excuse to write an Android slur piece. What does a Windows botnet have to do with Android fragmentation? Nothing. It is shameless, mendacious propagandising, and Dilger needs to be called out on it.
 Nothing. It's a Windows virus. It's no more able to infect an Android phone than an iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: