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$20 for 300MB?! Are you kidding? I pay £6 for 500MB, and I thought that was quite expensive by UK standards...
Why do people always raise this point as an argument about social networking? This isn't a reflection on Facebook. It's a reflection on your Facebook friends! If you have a friends list full of stupid people who you don't like, then you can't complain when you don't like the posts that appear. Why not just limit your friends list to people you actually enjoy communicating with? I'm sure it would make Facebook much less of a trial for you!
$500?! Surely it should just be a matter of walking into the carrier shop, getting a pay-as-you-go SIM card, and paying for calls as you go along and a few bucks extra each month for data? Quite economical unless you make loads of calls. And how on earth do the carriers get away with mandating an expensive data plan? O2 here in the UK does require a data plan on standard iPhone contracts, but the cheapest data plan is £3/month. What I love about my iPhone is ubiquitous...
So is T-Mobile the only U.S. carrier which will let you buy an iPhone with a pay as you go SIM and have a data allowance?
Why on earth would you splash out on a carrier-free iPhone if you don't want a data plan? Not having mobile data makes a large majority of its features useless when you're out and about...
I don't get it. If you had an unlocked iPhone, why would you choose to use the one network on which you can't get any 3G coverage? Surely the number of iPhone users on T-Mobile U.S. is pretty much zero.
You're right.. the previous update I was thinking of was a Thunderbolt software update for Lion, not a firmware update.
I'm pretty sure that 1.1 Thunderbolt firmware isn't new. It's been out for ages.
It has an average of 4/5 stars in Amazon customer reviews. Not spectacular, but pretty good.What exactly is wrong with some people preferring something cheap to something which is superior but much more expensive?Since when was the premium market the only market that mattered?
If you had actually read my whole post before foaming at the mouth and issuing personal insults, you would have realised that in mentioning 'balance' I was referring to AI's posts on the Kindle Fire as a whole being unjustifiably negative, not calling for balance within one specific post.
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