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    What part of there being an issue with the phone is incompatible with the phone continuing to sell well? I have an iPhone 4 myself. I've definitely noticed the problem, but it wasn't big enough to stop me buying the phone, because it had enough other advantages to make it the best choice. The fact that the phone sold well in spite of the flaw doesn't mean that the flaw ceased to exist! Buying technology products is a compromise because all products have weaknesses,...
Urgh... this is just like the advert on that Next Galaxy website with the sheep on it.  If you're trying to convince iPhone users to switch to your product, then insulting them by calling them braindead sheep just doesn't seem to be the best way to do it!       It isn't crap. It's the truth. Look at this page from AnandTech, one of the most respected tech websites around. Their tests showed that holding the phone naturally, when compared to not holding the phone at all,...
    Is that the same Samsung which manufactures the CPU and RAM inside iPhones?
Why the hell can you patent what's basically a nested list? What happened to novelty and inventive step?
Failing economy?UK unemployment rate: 8.3%US unemployment rate: 8.3%UK national debt as percentage of GDP: 64US national debt as percentage of GDP: 100+Kill the arrogance and look up some facts before you continue to propound your Americentric view of the universe, please. The UK isn't in good shape, but the States is hardly a beacon of financial strength right now either.
I don't know. But from the path that's being taken with Win8, I do get the impression that MS is taking the tablet market very seriously indeed and will pump in just about as much cash as it takes. Apple certainly has a head start, but MS has more clout and reputation than the various Android manufacturers and will put up a better fight. Of course, those factors didn't help MS very much with Windows Phone! But perhaps MS is fighting a little closer to its own territory...
The good Windows tablets will surely have comparable displays to the new iPad. The manufacturers have absolutely no choice now that the iPad has raised the standard.
The single thing I've said about Metro in this thread is that I'm skeptical that it will work on the desktop. How is that proclaiming its absolute goodness? If anything, it's a negative comment!My view is that both Windows and OS X are very good products, and that both have their advantages and disadvantages and always will. It's all the dogmatic Windows-bashing that I can't stand.
Big words from someone who just made a whole post full of unfounded conjecture.
I'm also sceptical that the Metro paradigm will work well on the desktop. A lot of people will just use the traditional desktop 100% of the time. Having said that, there is some absolutely ridiculous braindead fanboyism in here. Comments like 'Microsoft should stop making consumer OSes' show a breathtaking naivety. Why would they stop? Surely you've noticed that 90% of the world uses Windows and most have little desire not to? The majority views are very different outside...
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