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Try living in the UK - the POI content on Apple Maps is appalling.   Unlike Google, whose worldwide database seems pretty comprehensive, Apple seems intent on treating anyone who doesn't live in North America as a second-class citizen.
 Alternatively, back in the real world of facts and logic, it's called the Galaxy S5 because it's the 5th phone in the Galaxy S line.
 What's wrong with someone wanting a cheap phone? Not everyone has the money or the desire to buy a £500 phone, whether it's an iPhone or not. Do you have a top-of-the range car, watch, set of golf clubs, and everything else in your life? No, because you probably don't care much about all those things. Plenty of people don't particularly care about phones. Moan about Android users all you like, but your constant sneering at "poor people" is really not very nice. Frankly,...
He's not the 'best writer on Apple in our time'. It's pointless reading his work for any insight because you're only ever getting one side of the story. Good writing on Apple would involve a realistic appraisal of its strengths and weaknesses. It wouldn't involve one-sided propagandising, and it certainly wouldn't involve personal attacks on people who use competing products. That's unprofessional.
 Writing an article then deleting adverse comments doesn't say much for the writer's strength of argument. Why is he even able to delete posts, anyway? I find it pretty odd that writers of articles have substantial moderation powers on the forums, especially when they have such a clear history of misusing them. But then, I also find it pretty odd that DED feels compelled to have multiple identities on the same website. 
  Can you point out the facts for me in the above? I can't see a single fact there which could be backed up by an independent source. All I can see is an angry diatribe against a group of people whose sole crime is to use a different mobile operating system. That isn't an 'editorial', it's just foaming-from-the mouth propaganda.
If you're going to delete people's posts, AI moderators, it's polite at least to explain why you've done it.    The only clue I have is an infraction for 'inappropriate language'. This in spite of the fact that I didn't use any language which isn't used on this forum to describe Android / Google / Samsung / non-Apple users, day in day out, without a hint of moderator intervention.   This forum has a curious concept of 'moderation'. Moderators are not supposed to delete...
 If you categorise people based upon the mobile operating system they use, then you have big problems, my friend. And what's with the constant use of the word 'Fandroid'? When I used the word 'fanboy' in the context of an Apple user, my post was promptly deleted. Maybe if there wasn't such an intellectual vacuum at the core of this forum then you wouldn't need to apply such double standards.
 So now you're comparing Google to a terrorist group?AI, why do you let this fanboy idiot stick around? Embarrassment.
iPhone 5S gets 83% for 'UI design'; iPhone 5 gets 76%.   It's the exact same UI...
New Posts  All Forums: