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Why does this site keep talking about Samsung?   Why is every other article seemingly about Samsung?   I thought this was supposed to be an Apple forum?   I guess it has to be one of two reasons. Either the people who run this site are worried about the threat which Samsung poses to Apple, or they just do it to give red meat to the fanbase.
 In other news, the Pope is Catholic. Of course it did. Even for DED that is a ridiculous comment. Is Samsung supposed to have thought, "we won't compete against HTC because they're a fellow Android manufacturer - let's just let them take our marketshare"? If you think multi-billion-dollar global corporations are motivated by this sort of ideology then you don't understand anything about the industry and should probably stop talking.
 Thanks for that. How amusing. On election night in 2012, did anyone watch Karl Rove melt down when Ohio was called for Obama? Rove had spent so long in a hermetically-sealed bubble, listening to and perpetuating a fallacious feedback loop which said that Romney was going to win, that he just couldn't accept what he was hearing. The real-world evidence didn't fit into his all-encompassing worldview, so he simply chose to reject that evidence for as long as possible in...
 Can't they? That's funny, because it runs pretty smoothly on my Nexus 5.
 Point me to sales data from Apple that shows it wasn't...
 Because they have real bills to pay. 
Oh, look - a reprise of the 'all the media, market researchers and tech commentators have an axe to grind against Apple' argument.   Do you seriously think this is true? Apple gets loads of positive media attention - probably more than any other tech company.
 What HTC provided was a dispassionate account of the process. 'stall' and 'block' are loaded terms, introduced through the usual creeping dishonesty which impregnates this site's reporting.
 You're kidding, right? You are saying that a device with a 9.7-inch screen which can only display one app at a time is better for spreadsheets and video editing than a fully-fledged computer? The productivity and video editing solutions on an iPad are toys compared to what's available on a Mac or Windows PC.
The whole idea of 'productivity' apps on a phone makes no sense to me. Editing a spreadsheet or presentation on a device with a 4-inch screen is always going to be horrible, however well-designed the software is.   Tablets are a bit more feasible, but I'm still going to reach for the laptop to get any serious work done. Productivity and touchscreens don't really mix.
New Posts  All Forums: