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 What HTC provided was a dispassionate account of the process. 'stall' and 'block' are loaded terms, introduced through the usual creeping dishonesty which impregnates this site's reporting.
 You're kidding, right? You are saying that a device with a 9.7-inch screen which can only display one app at a time is better for spreadsheets and video editing than a fully-fledged computer? The productivity and video editing solutions on an iPad are toys compared to what's available on a Mac or Windows PC.
The whole idea of 'productivity' apps on a phone makes no sense to me. Editing a spreadsheet or presentation on a device with a 4-inch screen is always going to be horrible, however well-designed the software is.   Tablets are a bit more feasible, but I'm still going to reach for the laptop to get any serious work done. Productivity and touchscreens don't really mix.
 Are you for real? "Stabbed Apple in the back?" This isn't some fluffy universe where there's any room for sentiment; it's business, and the mobile sector is as cut-throat as any. Some people on this forum urgently need to be disabused of the notion that the world owes Apple a favour.
I just don't get it. I don't get why you would use a Surface, an iPad or any other tablet for serious productivity. The format is inherently unsuited to it. Just get a laptop.   Apple has got this right by pitching the iPad unashamedly as a content consumption device. Tablets suck for creating content and they probably always will. 
In the media I've read, the Surface and its sales figures have pretty much been panned.   DED really needs to stop with these childish 'the media is biased against Apple!' articles. They're unprofessional as well as fallacious. Apple gets an extraordinary level of media attention, most of it positive.
But in the UK you don't have to buy a 'Sprint iPhone' or a 'Verizon iPhone'. You can just buy an iPhone. It's unlocked because it's never had any network association.
 That's not really true. USB 2.0 maxes out at 480Mbps, which is 60 MB/s. Real-world throughput is considerably less. Any hard drive made in the last 5 years can transfer faster than 60 MB/s sequentially.
Can you not... just... buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple and use whichever SIM card you like with it? Like you can in the UK and virtually every other country in the Western world?   The US cellphone market continues to perplex me.
 I don't see why we have to categorise people in such a binary way. I use both OS X and Windows 7; I like both and can see that each has advantages and disadvantages. Equally, I use an iPhone, but I can see that Android does some things better (and other things worse). The problem with dividing people into 'us and them' is that it becomes almost impossible to have an objective discussion about the industry, because you can't criticise Apple without people assuming that you...
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