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 That's not really true. USB 2.0 maxes out at 480Mbps, which is 60 MB/s. Real-world throughput is considerably less. Any hard drive made in the last 5 years can transfer faster than 60 MB/s sequentially.
Can you not... just... buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple and use whichever SIM card you like with it? Like you can in the UK and virtually every other country in the Western world?   The US cellphone market continues to perplex me.
 I don't see why we have to categorise people in such a binary way. I use both OS X and Windows 7; I like both and can see that each has advantages and disadvantages. Equally, I use an iPhone, but I can see that Android does some things better (and other things worse). The problem with dividing people into 'us and them' is that it becomes almost impossible to have an objective discussion about the industry, because you can't criticise Apple without people assuming that you...
Thanks for responding, Marvin.   I wouldn't exactly call the article uninformative. DED knows his subject area pretty well, and I often learn things from his work.   My issue is more with his tone. Describing critics of Apple as 'parade rainmakers' offering 'shill contempt' simply isn't very professional, in my opinion. This sort of angry commentary certainly implies dogma, if not religiosity. It is itself disrespectful and insulting of those who hold differing...
 You're right, that would be more appropriate. However, I can't find information about who moderates this sub-forum. Also (unlike most other forums I've used), there is no indication of which moderator deleted the post. All this makes the right of reply quite limited.
Can whoever deleted my post in this thread without affording me the courtesy of a brief explanation why please explain which part of the post was deemed 'inappropriate language'?   I didn't use vulgar words or insult anybody's person; I merely commented that the article read like the expression of a personal vendetta. It doesn't say much for this site if you're going to post divisive articles and then delete dissenting responses. Is this forum a place for debate, or is...
 Another accusation of lying? Like the one you directed at me several months ago? The one you still haven't apologised for after I provided evidence to support my statements? You're all accusations and no integrity.
This thread is truly the zenith of pointlessness. Don't you lot have anything better to do all day than whine about Google on the internet?   I thought this was supposed to be an Apple news site rather than the home of the Google hate mob?
  You have a penchant for accusing people of lying.   You accused me of the same in another thread - yet when I provided detailed facts which substantiated my claims, I didn't see you either refuting them or apologising for calling me a liar.   People don't like their integrity being questioned. If you're going to mount this kind of unnecessary personal attack, then make sure your claims are watertight - or at least have the good grace to acknowledge if they prove not to be.
More red meat for the faithful. Another pointless smug article about the competition. Get Dilger to write some actual Apple content.
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