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Another so-called 'editorial' serving as a vehicle for DED's self-indulgence in his Apple monomania.   Calling this bilge an editorial devalues the whole site.
If you read this article and didn't know anything about mobile operating systems, you'd think that Android was in dire straits rather than commanding a majority of the market. The bias is laughable.
  Apart from the slight distinction that Linux has negligible consumer market share, where Android has the majority of the consumer market.   So basically, Android isn't in the same position as Linux at all.    What a load of bilge!
  Idiots like Anand of AnandTech?   I'm going to bet that he knows more about using computers than you ever will. He also has a useful ability to look at technology dispassionately, rather than through a distortion field which rejects any criticism.   If he says there is a problem with the software, then I believe him.
  That's a stupid comment.   Have you ever tried expressing yourself with native fluency in a foreign language? If you have, you should know that it's no easy task. And whether you have or not, you should know that there's no 'responsibility' for a non-native speaker to phrase everything perfectly.   Now that's out of the way, how about you attack the poster's arguments rather than making cheap shots at his grammar?
  I wouldn't go that far. I like iOS7, and I think the look does represent innovation - but let's not pretend that it's undisputedly original, or make absurd claims like 'Apple has a monopoly position'.
If it's $129 when sold on a contract, then the phone's not really $129, is it?   Surely the price of the handset varies depending on how expensive the contract is, and hence saying it's being 'sold for $129' is meaningless?   I can get the iPhone 5 for £0 if I take out a £37/month contract, but it doesn't necessarily make it good value!
I got to the bit where you suggested that Apple has a near-monopoly market position in mobile devices, and gave up.       If the first sentence is a complete lie, what does that say about the rest of the article?   Don't even get me started with:  
  For goodness' sake, start thinking about this like a typical consumer rather than somebody who posts on an Apple enthusiast forum.   It wouldn't be mocked whether it was Apple or not, because 99% of the population doesn't know and doesn't care exactly how many phone models Apple or any other manufacturer has produced.   What would seem absurd to the general population is calling a product 'iPhone 6' when the last product was the 4S. People may have short memories, but...
The concern is that Webkit is coming close to having a monopoly in the browser market. It effectively already does in the mobile and tablet space.   When one rendering engine has a monopoly, that engine becomes the standard, complete with its bugs and foibles. That isn't good for an open, progressive internet. Webkit may have fewer bugs than IE6, but web standards are evolving all the time and the risk is that the Webkit way becomes the only way.
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