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  This HAS to be some kind of parody of an actual Apple obsessive.
  It may not be to everyone's tastes, and I'd rather have a 4S - but calling the GS3 'trash' is preposterous nonsense. It's a decent phone.
I had an F700. Trust me - there's no chance of confusing it with an iPhone. Not in terms of hardware, and most definitely not in terms of software. Awful phone.
  Yup. Everything this guy writes sounds like a fan piece. Someone should take away his pen.   Clearly people are entitled to their opinion - but when they present distorted facts as objective and unbiased, that's pretty disingenuous.
"Additionally, Microsoft just skates to where the puck is."   I stopped reading there. No chance of mistaking this infantile bilge for actual tech journalism, is there?
So there's no street view (which, yes, IS very useful), and judging by the pre-release imagery at least, the bread-and-butter 2D maps are nowhere near as detailed as the Google versions.   But hey, who actually needs to navigate anywhere when we can have a gimmicky 3D feature?
  What's the point being 'ahead of the curve' in terms of social networking sites? By definition, only a small proportion of people will use the same site as you.
  It's not trolling. It's pragmatic truth.   According to these stats, Safari has a 4.7% market share overall on the desktop, where OS X itself has a 6.7% market share. Given that Safari is the default browser on the Mac and has platform-specific advantages, realistically, how much of that 4.7% do you think comprises Windows users? I'm guessing it's 0.5% or less.   Even a company the size of Apple doesn't have infinite engineering resources to throw at projects which just...
  I think that WAS one of the points of Windows Safari - to give Windows users a glimpse of how things worked on the Mac side and convince them to make the switch.   Unfortunately, Safari for Windows is dead clunky compared to the OS X version. There was a risk that it was giving an inaccurate impression of Mac software. That, combined with its continuing poor market share, were good reasons to kill it. iPad and iPhone do a better job of converting Windows users to Mac...
About time. The Facebook app is slow, clunky and unreliable - amazing for such a large company where such a high proportion of users access the service via smartphones. They urgently need some Apple-inspired UI advice.
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