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  What's tiresome is this binary way of looking at the situation - that you have to be 'pro-Google' or 'pro-Apple', and that there's no room for looking at issues in an unbiased way. It encourages one-sided debates and the stifling of opposing views, neither of which are exactly great things for a discussion forum.       If you want to, then go ahead - take it off. But if your response to divergent views is to brand them as 'crap' and expunge them from the site, then it...
  Sometimes it doesn't really seem like it, given the way that posts in favour of Google or other competitors are frequently met with torrents of vitriol or derision which are long on angry rhetoric and short on facts.   It's a discussion forum which provides little or no scope for not toeing the party line. What's the point of 'discussion' if you can't diverge from the common view without being called a 'fandroid troll', a 'Google shill', 'misinformed' or the various...
135 posts bickering about whether Google is more evil than Apple, or vice versa.   Plenty of us really need to go outside more.
Err... Why is the part of the article which criticises Apple crossed out in the original forum post?   Are we just censoring any criticism of Apple now?   Because if so, that's ... y'know ... pathetic.
  Not really. Clearly it would be difficult to find if you were unaware of the bug, but once you know the procedure (e.g. when it's all over the internet) it's fairly easy to exploit.
  Whenever I read your posts, I'm reminded of the statements of the Iraqi Information Minister during the Iraq War.   "There are no American troops in Baghdad!" [said with several advancing American tanks clearly visible in the background].     "There are no problems with the iPhone for which Apple is to blame! None! The detractors are all just using it wrong!"
That's an awful lot to read into a fairly standard storage bump...
Thought this was commonplace! There's loads of apps like that for the London Underground, and has been for some time.
  I live in the UK. I grew up under 13 years of socialist government, and the present government isn't dramatically different. It always surprises me when Americans portray socialist states as places where nobody takes responsibility for their own actions and the 'entitlement culture' is driving the state to ruin.    Truth is, it's not unequivocally positive or negative. It has good sides and bad sides. Yes, there are too many people dependent on the state, but there also...
  Apple would never have switched back unless it absolutely had to. 'Not having faith' is not going to do it.   This is a company which is pretty unwilling to acknowledge any flaws in its products. Rolling back to Google maps would be giving such an acknowledgement in a big way.
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