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  Oh, get real. 'I should be honored that Apple infringed my copyright'? Most people in the wider non-Apple-worshipping world just don't think like that.    Firstly, he's probably feeling aggrieved that Apple thinks it can just run over the little guy. Secondly, there's probably quite a lot of money in this, and most folk would take that opportunity!   If it were Samsung who had done this, I bet you'd be calling for them to be sued into oblivion.
  It's almost like Google is chasing competitive advantage because its reason for being is to make money!    Who'd have thought that Google, just like Apple, is a business?
  Yes, really.   Search for Apple Stores on Google - get Apple Stores only. Search for Apple Stores on Siri - get a page of random places, then Apple Stores, then random places.   Google's algorithm zoned in better on what the tester wanted. Therefore, Google's algorithm is superior. I really don't know how you can debate this.       How is it 'not a Siri issue'? Siri is failing at one of its primary advertised functions - to find places.
There are times when statistical 'proof' is necessary and times when it's not really necessary for the point being made.   I don't need statistical proof that it's raining when I can establish that by looking out the window. Likewise, to deny that there's a problem with Apple Maps in the face of widespread complaint and a public apology from Apple is not really feasible.   You seem to be hiding behind this requirement for statistics a bit. Do you have statistical...
Mitt Romney is toast. Can you really blame Obama for being a little reticent on specific plans? Why bother nailing your colours to the mast when you can keep your mouth shut and watch your inept opponent destroy himself one step at a time?
  Oh, for goodness' sake. Perhaps nobody has compiled any 'statistical' evidence, so you're just going to have to accept the torrent of individual data points indicating as such.   If you didn't have a laughable inability to accept any flaws in any Apple product, this wouldn't be anywhere near as hard for you.
Quite surprised and impressed that Cook offered such a full apology, and even recommended rival products.   I guess Apple has to look at the issue pragmatically. They had to release Maps at some point to cut their dependency on Google, but the product could never improve until it was released and corrections were crowdsourced. Hence, release it and collect data from those persevering, whilst acknowledging that some may not be satisfied and pointing them humbly to...
  Not really sure what's so 'imaginary' about comparing Apple Maps to a superior product which we actually had on our iPhones about two weeks ago...
  It might well be unfair - but if Apple replaces Google Maps with Apple Maps overnight, that is the standard by which it will be judged.
  Indeed. It actually shows a lot more trust in Apple if you can admit that they're not flawless, and have faith in them to listen to their customers and put right the things which went wrong. Every organisation has to go through these issues.   The continual pretence that issues don't exist lacks credibility.
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