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  Not really. Clearly it would be difficult to find if you were unaware of the bug, but once you know the procedure (e.g. when it's all over the internet) it's fairly easy to exploit.
  Whenever I read your posts, I'm reminded of the statements of the Iraqi Information Minister during the Iraq War.   "There are no American troops in Baghdad!" [said with several advancing American tanks clearly visible in the background].     "There are no problems with the iPhone for which Apple is to blame! None! The detractors are all just using it wrong!"
That's an awful lot to read into a fairly standard storage bump...
Thought this was commonplace! There's loads of apps like that for the London Underground, and has been for some time.
  I live in the UK. I grew up under 13 years of socialist government, and the present government isn't dramatically different. It always surprises me when Americans portray socialist states as places where nobody takes responsibility for their own actions and the 'entitlement culture' is driving the state to ruin.    Truth is, it's not unequivocally positive or negative. It has good sides and bad sides. Yes, there are too many people dependent on the state, but there also...
  Apple would never have switched back unless it absolutely had to. 'Not having faith' is not going to do it.   This is a company which is pretty unwilling to acknowledge any flaws in its products. Rolling back to Google maps would be giving such an acknowledgement in a big way.
  What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. Your willingness to defend Apple to the hilt makes your post laughable.   What the hell is crybabyish about expecting a product to be in perfect condition straight out of the box? Would you say that about any other product?   Furthermore, you're saying that buyers should just accept scratched products, because the scratches are invisible in a case?!   People like you make me ashamed to own Apple products. Absolutely risible.
  Oh, get real. 'I should be honored that Apple infringed my copyright'? Most people in the wider non-Apple-worshipping world just don't think like that.    Firstly, he's probably feeling aggrieved that Apple thinks it can just run over the little guy. Secondly, there's probably quite a lot of money in this, and most folk would take that opportunity!   If it were Samsung who had done this, I bet you'd be calling for them to be sued into oblivion.
  It's almost like Google is chasing competitive advantage because its reason for being is to make money!    Who'd have thought that Google, just like Apple, is a business?
  Yes, really.   Search for Apple Stores on Google - get Apple Stores only. Search for Apple Stores on Siri - get a page of random places, then Apple Stores, then random places.   Google's algorithm zoned in better on what the tester wanted. Therefore, Google's algorithm is superior. I really don't know how you can debate this.       How is it 'not a Siri issue'? Siri is failing at one of its primary advertised functions - to find places.
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