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Correct. But you said "Here's sneak peek at the device itself:" which implies fact more than rumor. "We'll See Soon Enough... " <-- my point exactly.
BTW - more speculation and rumor.
I agree. I think Apple should ditch the i and go the route of the apple TV from here on in. Simply use the apple icon in place of the i for all products. I'd much rather have an apple tablet than an iTablet, The i is so last decade.
I honestly have a hard time seeing this as a Kindle killer or even serious competitor if the screen is not some sort of e-paper. I haven't seen an OLED screen so I can comment on eye strain, but if it's simply an lcd screen, what would separate this from reading on a laptop? Not much. I am definitely in line for a tablet for other reasons, but I don't see this as a device I'd read on.
No, it won't replace the Macbook. You close a laptop like a book.... Macbook. You can't close a tablet. Nice try.
or the UStream app.
So what was the point of reserving an iphone if everyone who wants one gets the same place in line?
Comment about forum moderation deleted.
The GOP will continue to make Palin the scapegoat. They will bury any chance of her being any signifant part of the future of the party. She will not be the 2012 nominee. Guaranteed. But she seems to be a strong woman and here's my prediction..... after a reaming by the Republican party and the humiliation they receive, the Palins will turn back to the Alaskan Independence Party and build real support for separation from the union. Hell hath no fury as a woman's scorn.
You mean "The Choice 2008"? No need to be a sore loser. Had you offered real beer instead of a jpeg, I would have gladly shared one with you.
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