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Qpqpqpqpqp... Seems to work just fine!
Did this guy have a source for his story?!
35% tax to brings funds into US is just stupid. What is the basis for such a tax? If they changed the law, companies could have more of an option to invest money made overseas back into the USA.
I agree. Bringing Ron back would be a great idea. The stores need some leadership and he could pick up right where he left off. He did a great job with Apple retail. IMHO the mistake he made at JC Penney was not testing his concept more extensively before rolling it out. It easier to learn tough lessons in a handful of stores not in all of the stores.
Ah the perils of being an Apple investor... information-wise we live in the dark most of the time and in times like these when the stock is in the tank we just have to trust that Apple will continue to innovate and execute in amazing ways. The problem is that since Steve Jobs has been gone, we have not really seen that. It's harder to trust.    Tim Cook has talked about how the product pipeline is "chock full" for 2013, but he also said that 2012 was an incredible...
Earnings tell all. We'll find out who is right in about a month and a half. Frankly I think there is a good chance it will be a rough quarter because the comp for 2Q is pretty tough. Starting in 3Q the comps get easier.
It will be interesting to watch Apple's actions over the next few weeks.    1) If the company really believes in its future, right now should be a golden time to buy its own stock. They haven't done anything special yet. Why?   2) Surprising that insiders are not buying at this point. Bob Iger at Disney bought some shares in November, but nothing meaningful from insiders since then. Maybe they think we are due for more pain before it gets better.   3) Tim...
  He actually does own IBM.
Piot -    I am afraid you need to remove the Applegoggles.    I LOVE Apple, they had a good quarter, I still have my shares, bought MORE shares on the decline because they are so undervalued. But I am also realistic enough to see that the competition is catching up, Apple is losing some momentum, and if they don't innovate better than they have during the past year and a half, it's going to get ugly.
Wow... you are a breath of fresh air aren't you? It was just an idea. Sheesh.   The idea was not to extract precise information, nor to start any rumors, but just to get somewhat of a pulse. I never said that the information would be used to guess the new earnings results, but if the store traffic is slower it might be an indicator. Retail stock analysts visit stores all the time. You cannot go strictly off of one source or another.    I am a longtime Apple fan...
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