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Why has Apple made such a simple program only available to users who have upgraded to iOS 7? I am still happily using iOS 6 (iOS 7 won't sync unless you have installed the latest iTunes 11, which I don't like), so this program is not available to people like me.
I agree - perhaps an overhaul is needed. I'm still using iTunes 10.7, mostly because I don't like some of the "downdates" (oh, updates according to Apple, sorry!) - in other words the removal of features, such as having the choice of a dark background (I don't like the bright white), or resizing of album art, just to name a few. Unfortunately iTunes 10 won't sync with OS7, not that I'm too bothered, unless I buy a new iPad, of course, which I'm considering. Although it's...
It took three years for "accidental" thefts to be prevalent enough to need something like this. - that's funny!! Great stuff!
I totally agree. It doesn't bother me too much, I guess, but AI, how about just using the word "Apple"? Seems like a no brainer to me! Why must we try to come up with alternatives when we can just say the name of the company!
Your post made me laugh! Nice one!
Will the miniplayer show the track's progression (time elapsed & time remaining of a song). I really like that on the current iTunes but I don't see it on the picture of the new miniplayer? Instead all I see are bigger play controls. Also, the volume controls are missing - I also like them. I know I can control the system's volume with the keyboard but contolling just the iTunes volume is very useful too. What about the name of the track playing? It's nice to see a small...
I know what you mean. Actually, the computer version is not much better! I realise advertisements financially support AI, of course, but can't AI put the advertisements in the webpage in such a way that they don't distract the reader too much. Also I'd like to see AI redesign the webpage a bit to make reading the latest reports a more pleasant experience.
Apple seems to be really going for it in terms of applying for patents, and they are getting them too. It's important, of course, for a company to protect their intellectual property, so I'm not against that principle. But, I can't help wondering what will happen when Apple gets so many patents, especially design patents, that the competition will have a really hard time bringing out their own tablets, without them looking awful or being impractical. Now, Apple is leading...
Yokohama City University - Kanazawa Hakkei Campus
Perhaps in America, Apple Maps is great but here in Japan, it's a different story. Here in Yokohama, my university is not even on the map! Google Maps not only shows the university but also shows the building names. And so many areas have much, much, much less detail than Google Maps. I went on a trip recently and I was impressed that Google maps had great detail, even in outback areas with small streets even listed. Not so with Apple Maps. The difference IS exponential!
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