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Friday evening june 23rd i went to my local at&t store to see if i could get any more info on iPhone service pricing being that i have a family plan that had expired in may and needed to know if iPhone would fall into a combined plan or if it would have to be done separately. The at&t store manager assured me that iPhone would indeed have the same phone service plan as all other phones for voice calling. Second i was told pricing for data would be in line with the likes of...
Yahoo chat room Macintosh:1 is where you want to go. there are two yahoo chat clients that work well and have quite a bit of up to date support called (Charla) and (ChitChat). Charla is OSX only and Chit Chat is 9 and X. Booth apps are free. Charla can be found here: http://mysticalos.spymac.net/charla.html Chit Chat can be found here: http://www.macupdate.com/index.php?os=macosx Enjoy!
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