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I`m simply not buying this study. Android has at least 66% of smartphone marketshare. No way it`s only 22% of mobile web traffic. I`m also not buying the stats above on the Nexus 7 as it`s the most popular usable Android tablet on the market to be holding down .06% of web hits. And before the token cries of "Fanboy bias" begin I`m posting this on a Mac and use an iPhone.
  I believe the article is including tablets in that statement.   The iPad,iPod, & iPhone combined puts Apple ahead for "Mobile devices" I believe.
These "surveys" are beyond skewed.   There are many more Android users on cheap $50.00 handsets than there are high end iPhone users of course the percieved value by the owners is going to run this way.   They keep comparing Apples to oranges and don`t seem to account for the inherent differences.   This stuff is worthless.
Apples Ecosystem is far more immense regarding apps and media content.   It`s hardware ecosystem is so simple and really does "Just work" and interact in a manner I`ve not seen anywhere else.   I could ditch Apples media/apps ecosystem with little problem, I`d have a hell of a time replacing the hardware ecosystem. I don't think it could be done as elegantly as Apple does it at the moment.
Sounds like these guys are creating enterprise solutions which Apple isn`t very big on.   As far as furthering iCloud, these guys probably got tired of Apples half-assed attempts at cloud computing and moved on.
  I`d love to see MS do well with this hardware but I have no clue where you are getting these "numbers" of which you speak.   There isn`t an Android tablet that has ever looked like it might try to compete with an iPad.   The vast majority of Android phones are running on crap hardware with outdated OS's that will never see an update.   Quite honestly I haven`t seen an Android OS that could compete with iOS in stability in it`s entire history (I`m fluent in both OS's)...
I haven`t used a disk or USB drive since I got my Dropbox account years ago.   The PC makers in this article are idiots if they can`t see that tablets are eating the laptop market and by tablets I mean iPads.   I am an Apple fanboy. 2009 MBP 2006 Mac Mini iPad 1 iPad 2 1Phone Apple TV Airport routers all over the place.   I switched to Mac a few years ago due to absolute frustration with the idiocy that was Windows.   BUT...   I just got...
Skydrive may not be a worthy replacement for Dropbox but this comparison page does point out that Apple is stubbornly sticking to it`s hatred of a file system.   iCloud vs. Dropbox/Skydrive isn`t even a proper competition, they actually are more complimentary to each other.   They were actually heading in a better direction with iDisk if only it worked.
Why do they (and others) make so damn many different phones?   Wouldn`t it allow them to market themselves more effectively with just one or two exceptional feature phones?   It would seem if they focussed their efforts to create an exceptional device instead of watering down the market with mediocre devices they`d be in a better position to compete in this market.   I`m an Apple fan but have seen some very nice high end HTC phones that I believe should be...
You should be able to do this with iCloud.I don`t use Numbers but I`m constantly creating documents with Pages on my iPhone and finishing them on my Mac all accessed through iCloud.
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