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I'm looking for a leather smart cover for the iPad mini (not a case that also covers the back). Does anyone make one?
I looked at that list and am going to try the other applications. Thanks.
I'm the studio manager for a formerly-small design firm. We were bought out a little while ago, and we just received all the fonts from our parent company so we can help produce some of their materials. We're talking about A LOT of fonts, and they're a mess. I'm trying to organize them and eliminate duplicates. I've tried using FontExplorer and Suitcase Fusion, but they both choke on the number of fonts. Is there another application someone would recommend?
This morning my Mac mini was beach balled, and there was an icon in my menu bar I've never seen before. It looked like a small monitor in front of a larger monitor. I restarted my computer, and it was gone. What is that icon for? Thanks.
I need to create high-resolution, extruded type that looks like it's made of chrome and lit from below. What software would be best for achieving this?
Garageband needs a drum machine.
HandBreak is the way to go. It has AppleTV and iPod/iPhone presets as well as the ability to convert a file to a user defined target size.
I've opened a new IMAP Gmail account to supplement my primary IMAP e-mail account, but the new mailbox is showing up in two places: I'd really like to get rid of the lower mailbox so the sidebar looks like this: How do it do this?
The microphone and volume adjustment in Apple's new in-ear, inline headphones don't work with the iPhone. Does anyone know whether it's a hardware issue, or could a software update provide the functionality?
A friend asked me to put together a list of reasons to buy a Mac that he can use to convince his parents to get him a MacBook instead of a PC. I put together these seven already, but I'm sure there're some missing and would appreciate the help. There are zero viruses on the Mac Comes pre-installed with industry-leading applications like iPhoto, iMovie and Time Machine for automated backups. If necessary, it's possible to run Windows on a Mac Apple Stores offer free...
New Posts  All Forums: