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This is a brilliant idea. I'm going to go to the other Mac forums, claim to be from Europe and see how many people I can get to send 99¢ gift certificates for my "experiment".
Is there any thing out there that I can plug into my stereo which will receive an Airport signal so that I can wirelessly stream music from my iBook to the receiver? Basically, what I would like to do is use my stereo as my "sound out" without having to be physically connected to it. Thanks. [Edit: Corrected typo in subject] [ 08-10-2002: Message edited by: Nobody Special ]

I have been reading all of the Mac rumor sites and message boards, and I am surprised that there is almost no speculation on what Apple's next digital lifestyle device is going to be. MacOSRumors said in yesterday's update, "…we expect that [the 20gig iPod] will only be a sideline to a much more significant Digital Lifestyle device announcement." That sentiment seems to be reflected elsewhere in the community, however, no one seems to be discussing what the device will be.
I would spend a hell of a lot of money on something like that. In fact, I would prefer that it didn't have any ports on it or speakers. Just a pen-sensitive LCD screen
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