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Personally, I don't care one way or another, but it's my impression from the lack of built-in customization options available for OS X that Steve Jobs doesn't like people fiddling with the look of the core operating system. Hence, if Apple allows the user to make those types of changes, it means Steve Jobs has past on and the stock will lose a huge amount of its value.
Hopefully not for another 30 years, because it'll be over Steve Job's dead body.
I have a bunch of videos that I store on an AirDisk, and whenever I sync my iPhone on the road, the videos I have loaded are displayed as dead since I'm no longer connected to my network. However, when I return home, the videos are not automatically reconnected to their files; I have to select each one and choose Get Info… for iTunes to relocate them which can take a minute plus per video. Is there anyway to automate this process or at least greatly simplify it?
The online manual is pretty weak.
I was fortunate enough to grab NetShare when it was available, and I'm trying to get Proxifier to work with it so I don't have to tell individual applications to use my iPhone's proxy settings, however, I'm doing something wrong and Mail and Adium are unable to get through. I've selected Proxy Settings… from the Options menu, clicked Add and entered the same IP address ( that I assigned to the NetShare app. I've Checked SOCKS 5 without authentication...
Thanks. Not the most informative icon Apple's ever designed.
What does the blue-square-with-a-white-dot icon shown below mean?
Sorry for the confusion. My question is: In order to add all the relevant tags to a movie, is it really necessary to duplicate the entire file?
I know that's how MetaX works, I'm wondering if it really is necessary to duplicate the file. My movies are on an AirDisk, and adding tags can sometimes take an hour per file.
I've been giving the application MetaX (which was recently recommended by MacWorld) a spin, and in order to add tags to movies, it has to duplicate the entire file. I find this extremely odd, because any other tag editor I've used for MP3s just appended the information to the file. MetaX's explanation is that some tags are at the beginning of the file, some are at the end, etc. Thus, in order to put the correct tags at the front, everything in the file effectively has to...
New Posts  All Forums: