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The ethernet cable's probably about 40' long, and I can't tell if it's kinked or pinched because it runs in the walls
So I got to thinking, since most computers now a days have bluetooth, wouldn't it be convent to be able to control one's iPhone from the desktop. This wouldn't be tethering, because the phone wouldn't be providing any cellular services to one's desktop. However, if a call came in, a translucent bezel would appear on one's screen allowing one to answer the call and even take it using the the computer's built in speakers and microphone. All the other functionality would...
I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier; I guess it seemed too counterintuitive. Anyway, it seems to work just fine now. (Edit: Dammit, after doing a longer test, it still stutters and skips a little.)I don't have that many movies. One drive is used for Time Machine backups, and three others are redundant incase one of the primary drives fail.
Airport is off, but what's surprising is that the data rate over wifi is plenty fast for my laptop.I've got four 500 GB drives and three 750 GB drives. The former holds about 200 movies and (not surprisingly) the later holds about 300.1 TB drives are getting pretty cheap, but two 500 GB drives are much cheaper—especially if you buy the drive and enclosure separately.
I considered that the problem might be that the Mac Mini's processor wasn't fast enough, but locally stored movies play without a hitch.I haven't done anything special; just 7 USB drives connected to a 7-port hub connected to my Airport Extreme base station.
I've got 7 USB hard drives attached to my Airport Extreme which is connected via ethernet to a 1.66 GHz Intel Dual Core Mac Mini with 1 GB of RAM that's hooked up to my TV. When I watch a movie that I've ripped using Handbrake at 2500 kbps, the sound and picture sometimes stutter and skip. I don't have the problem watching the same film over wifi on my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook with 4 GB of RAM. Nor is there an issue if the film is stored on the Mac Mini's hard...
I had a similar problem. ITunes adds shows alphabetically and then used the date added to determine what the most/least recent show is. The alternative is to add the shows in the order they were aired. I used the following scripts and actions to semi-automate the task of re-importing my shows in broadcast order: 1) Download "Track Names With Incremented Number v1.0" 2) Add an incremental number before each episode ([#] name) — Make sure the files are ordered by track or...
According to Seeking Alpha, Apple has sued Psystar.
Sorry, they're called Restrictions, not Parental Controls. You can find it under Settings > General > Restrictions.
You can use the parental controls to turn off access to YouTube and the iTunes Store. That will remove their icons from the main screen.
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