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Please give me more credit than that.
But wouldn't the bleach make all the icons white, too? Then how would I know where the buttons were?
I kinda like the look of this mockup someone did:
While I'm loath to defend Rogers, you're analogy isn't really accurate. How would you feel if it cost you $1 million to install your home wifi system and your neighbors were using it for free? Creating a 3G cellular network is an investment, not a one-time, line-item expense, and Rogers needs to see a return on their investment. Now, I agree that Rogers seems to be trying to earn an exceptionally large return, but arguing that the marginal cost of adding new subscribers...
My family shares a common e-mail domain and IMAP server, but I'd like to take advantage of MobileMe's push e-mail. Is there any way to forward messages so that I can send and receive e-mails on my iPhone using MobileMe while keeping my main address synced? Ideally, this would be the way it would work: 1) Someone sends an e-mail to my primary domain. 2) The e-mail is forwarded to my MobileMe account. 3) The e-mail is pushed to my iPhone. 4) I reply to the e-mail using my...
What about clicking the middle icon from the views option to the left of the search bar in the iTunes window and sorting by artist?
Go to the preferences (iTunes > Preferences…) and uncheck the option "Show genre when browsing" under the General tab.
As I sit here with my MacBook on my lap burning a hole in my jeans, it struck me, is there any reason not to put the guts of the computer behind the screen? Maybe leave a few components under the keyboard so the base is at a comfortable angle (similar to the MacBook Air), but migrate the heat generating elements to the back of screen where it's probably easier to dissipate the heat.
You're assuming that the buyer does not already pay for cellular service. My current provider charges me ±$60 a month, so the incremental cost is ±$120 a year, not $840.
SHould I be waiting outside the Apple Store?
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