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I think you've got the right idea, but your price points are off. My guess:First: $549/16GB, $699/32GBSecond: $299
I think all the (fairly credible) rumors about the iPhone are true, because they're referring to two different models: the iPhone 2.0 and the new iPhone Nano.
I've never user the PSP, so take this for what it's worth: Given how successful the PSP is, I think it might be a good idea to emulate it's keypad layout and design. Also, I wonder if you could layout the buttons in such a way that the iPhone's built-in sensors, speaker and microphone are usable?
I think you need to retain the ability for the user to use the device with headphones on by essentially including a jack extender in the left-hand-side controller, e.g.: the controller will plug into the iPhone and the user can plug a pair of headphones into the controller. This will allow users to play games in public—on the subway, bus, etc.—and not interfere with the ability to make and receive calls. Also, I think using bluetooth would be a mistake, because it would...
I thought the gesture-driven login and compass oriented street view were really, really cool.
Original Size: First, Second, Third.
I think Linotype's FontExplorer X is superior to both.
Do we know if Time Machine/Time Capsule be used to backup to a disk connected to an Airport Extreme base station?
Can Time Machine be used to backup to a disk connected to an Airport Extreme base station?
Thanks for the reply, but I need to stream audio without any other computers involved.
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