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I think all the (fairly credible) rumors about the iPhone are true, because they're referring to two different models: the iPhone 2.0 and the new iPhone Nano.
I've never user the PSP, so take this for what it's worth: Given how successful the PSP is, I think it might be a good idea to emulate it's keypad layout and design. Also, I wonder if you could layout the buttons in such a way that the iPhone's built-in sensors, speaker and microphone are usable?
I think you need to retain the ability for the user to use the device with headphones on by essentially including a jack extender in the left-hand-side controller, e.g.: the controller will plug into the iPhone and the user can plug a pair of headphones into the controller. This will allow users to play games in public—on the subway, bus, etc.—and not interfere with the ability to make and receive calls. Also, I think using bluetooth would be a mistake, because it would...
I thought the gesture-driven login and compass oriented street view were really, really cool.
Original Size: First, Second, Third.
I think Linotype's FontExplorer X is superior to both.
Do we know if Time Machine/Time Capsule be used to backup to a disk connected to an Airport Extreme base station?
Can Time Machine be used to backup to a disk connected to an Airport Extreme base station?
Thanks for the reply, but I need to stream audio without any other computers involved.
I just bought an iPod Touch with the intent of placing it in my speaker dock and listening to NPR's stream. Unfortunately, NPR uses Flash, so this doesn't work. However, there are plenty of stations that offer live streams in other formats. Is there any way to listen to them with my iPod? On my laptop, the MP3 stream plays in Safari, but with the touch, I receive the message that it cannot download the file. Also, I know no one knows for sure, but are there any strong...
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