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I just bought an iPod Touch with the intent of placing it in my speaker dock and listening to NPR's stream. Unfortunately, NPR uses Flash, so this doesn't work. However, there are plenty of stations that offer live streams in other formats. Is there any way to listen to them with my iPod? On my laptop, the MP3 stream plays in Safari, but with the touch, I receive the message that it cannot download the file. Also, I know no one knows for sure, but are there any strong...
Do any utilities (like SuperDuper) allow one to clone one's hard drive to a network drive?
My ISP automatically adds "**SPAM**" to the subject line of e-mails it suspects of being spam. It's a great feature, but as can be expected, sometimes it marks a message that isn't spam. Is there a way to automatically remove the tag from e-mails that meet certain criteria, i.e.: the sender is a previous recipient?
My media server is running out of space, so I've decided to convert my ripped-from-DVD Video_TS folders to MPEG-4. I've tried using Handbrake, but a known glitch occasionally causes the sound to dropout for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, it seems to be affecting me more than most. I like the features and ease-of-use of Handbrake (and really like the ability to queue movies) and was hoping someone could suggest an alternative application for me to try. Thanks.
Recently, I've had to use Word and Keynote to develop presentations, and fonts that work fine in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop no longer display spaces between words in the other applications. I've tried several different fonts, and it seems to be the case with most self-installed fonts I've tried—I'm primarily using Mrs. Eaves, though. The spaces are there in the sentence, and if I change the typeface to Times New Roman, they show up. Otherwise,...
I have a Sony DRU-820A DVD burner, and which has stopped burning dual-layer DVDs—single-layer DVDs continue to burn successfully. I've tried using both the Finder and Toast 8 (which have both worked previously), but now the burn fails while the drive is filling the cache. I've attached the drive to another computer, and it works fine. I've also tried creating a new account on the computer and burning from it, but that fails, too. The only change I made to my system between...
Nevermind. I'll just use folder actions. (Forgot about them.)
I wrote the following AppleScript to position and size Finder windows, but the Finder doesn't "remember" the settings the next time I open the windows. tell application "Finder" activate make new Finder window to disk "Hard Drive" set toolbar visible of Finder window 1 to false set current view of Finder window 1 to icon view clean up Finder window 1 by name set position of Finder window 1 to {30, 55} set bounds of Finder window 1 to {30, 55, 400, 625} make new...
I can deal with that. Thanks.
When deleting a song from iTunes, a message pops up asking, "Do you want to move the selected songs to the Trash, or keep them in the iTunes Music folder?" The user has the option of selecting Cancel, Keep Files or Move to Trash. Keep Files is highlighted blue and is the default button if one presses Return. Is it possible to make Move to Trash the default button?
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