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Perfect. Thanks.
I know this must exist, but my Google-fu is failing me. Is there a film I can apply to my monitor that limits the viewing angle so it's difficult for others to look over my shoulder and see what I'm working on?
I specifically do not want to use that method. ITunes' automatic volume adjustment is done in terms of decibels, but the user-defined volume adjustment is expressed as a percentage. As a result, it's almost impossible to adjust each song to precisely negate the automatic adjustment. Also, it would require that I adjust each song individually, which is very time consuming, as opposed to just resetting all the embedded volume adjustments to 0.
I've a few albums I've imported with iTunes that are meant to be listened to using Apple's new gapless playback. However, when they were imported, iTunes automatically adjusted the volume level for each song (as viewed in the Summary pane of the song's Get Info window and not the user-adjustable Volume Adjustment under the Options pane), and as a result, as iTunes goes from one song to the next, there is a jump in the volume. How do I reset the embedded volume information...
It's my understanding that the biggest hurdle to creating software for the iPod is that Apple hasn't released a SDK. Can an SDK be reverse engineered? How difficult would it be? Could a few motivated individuals do it, or would it require the resources of a company?
The goal isn't to create another method of running XP on the Mac, but a completely different challenge that would stir up similar interest as the previous prize.
A friend and I have been discussing the XP on a Mac prize that was started back in January, and my friend believes that the unique circumstances of that particular situation make recreating it to find another interesting but difficult technical solution unlikely. In fact, he said he'd offer to match the first $10,000 in donations anyone else contributed to the prize on top of a little side wager we've got going on. I need help coming up with a prize meets his criteria,...
Since I don't know anyone at Apple, and my cubemate is disinterested in the topic, I thought I could get some sense of satisfaction by sharing my thought here. I'd never even consider a subscription-based music service, but while I own a decent number of DVDs, I'm generally interested in watching a movie only once¬ómaybe twice. While other companies have created online downloadable movie rental services that mimic the traditional brick-and-mortor model, I'd be more...
Is the "special software" basic driver-type software that allows my computers to se the disk, or is it more complicated where I'd have to run a special application every time I wanted to mount the disk?
I'm looking for a new external hard drive to use as a repository for my iTunes music folder and backup drive. During my research, I came across LaCie's Ethernet Disk. Am I correct in understanding that I can connect the drive directly to my router with an ethernet cable and it will be mountable on any computer on the network?
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