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I basically didn't really care about the 6th book all that much. Partially because the ending was spoiled for me(though I did have my suspicions prior, the effect is still hurt when you KNOW the end, which speaks to how these books are weak sauce. To me, a truly great story, you can know the end, and it doesn't matter... but that's another tangent.) I've read them all and my interest has waned with each book I think. It was actually an accident that I got sucked into...
I think they'll make an OS simply for the fact they can all it Goose.
Oh man, I love this stuff. I used to be pretty heavily into photography. I've always had a big fascination with the intricacies of the human eye(what an amazing thing!) But, at the same time, eyes make my squeamish. Oh well. Great discussion though.
Certainly would explain a lot. Granted, many 'terrorists' are potentially and/or possibly simple anarchists. If you think that there is no 'reason' *at all* for such tactics, then you are definitely fooling yourself. Problem is, the 'reasons' get so lost in the wash of reactionary bullshit that no one on either side really has much of a clue as to why things are going on the way they are, and what 'reasons' they may state are just a mess of whatever sounds good at the time...
That's an interesting way of looking at it. When you further get into it, it is made clear that neither method is inherently bad. If you're only looking to the future then how will you take care of shit today, and if you only worry about today's problems, how will you prepare for tomorrows. That said, I do think that conservatism is a dated way of looking at a great many things. As we enter(ed) the computer/communication age, lots of things changed, including our...
sounds like SOMEONE hasn't seen 'falling toward apotheosis' recently. (hangs head in dorky shame)
you named your rabbits kosh and lyta! DOOOORRRK!!!!!
The only thing I have to contribute to this thread, I would feel bad contributing since it's supposed to be a secret. What a cop-out. Well, it was a story about rescuing some baby ducks from a storm drain.
I think addabox is mostly right in a cynical/subversive sort of way, but the more simplistic, and overtly observable reason is the fact that movies that are about a specific thing tend to come in waves. There will be a handful of WW2 movies within a couple years of each other, then a handful of Sci-fi action movies, then a handful of historic war movies, then a handful of comic book/super-hero movies...etc. By-product of multiple studios all trying to make a buck on the...
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