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Basically. I look at Islam as being the most current iteration of this monotheistic 'god' thing, but even islam is really old. Not as old as xianity or judaism, but still plenty old. So it begs the question, is god going to come down and try again, some new prophet, new book, new rules, new religion. Or, is it all a bunch of hog wash? This is directly connected to the fact that god has gone from having direct control over our lives to being essentially just a vague cloud...
Well, The doctor from babylon 5 is a foundationalist. Which, isn't quite atheistic, but it's pretty similar to where I (an admitted atheist) stand. Essentially, his religion was created once we discovered extra terrestrial sentient life. The idea behind it is to look at all alien religions and find common threads and ideas so as to better understand where all religion comes from. It's very unbiased and irreligious in nature, and while they don't outwardly dismiss the...
Well how about some more information instead of irrelevant banter pertaining to the factualness of information stated thus far?
I don't care to compare Afghanistan to Iraq, I was just curious about how afghanistan is doing on its own. Doesn't seem to be doing to hot, is that not the case? the fact that suicide bombings might be less prevalent in afghanistan than iraq is irrelevant.
I think it's not outside the realm of possibility that apple might do limited licensing to key manufacturers in the future. I could see apple doing it if the name 'apple' for computers starts to become as powerful as the name 'ipod' for mp3 players. If apple gains substantial clout, they could probably work out licensing deals that would enable them to expand their market share substantially without marginalizing their own products. Of course, I don't see this happening...
You can put that on my tab, johnq.
I did read your link, and while it provided some thoughts, I created this thread with the intent of hearing from actual 'conservatives' who would stand up and defend their position, and perhaps provide solid 'whys' and at best give on example to where a greedy, fearful, control freak...etc. mentality is a good thing.
I was taking out the trash the other day and I opened up the recycling bin and guess who was in there? mother-fscking steve wozniak, I said "hey! but you don't work for apple anymore" and then he shot me with a tranq dart. The rest is kind of a blur, but I distinctly remember hearing something about the iTablet and a dual core powerbook g5.
Right! and that's why this issue is so muddled. It seems like the definitions are less about what they actually believe, but more about the fact that they don't believe what 'the other side' believes. What I'm trying to investigate is the core tenements of conservative thought. Where it comes from, but more specifically, is it really inherently 'bad' and/or unproductive. So, From talking to my friend, we've come up with many ideas. I personally favor a smaller, less...
That's the 2nd time you've posted something leading towards derailment of the thread. Do you not understand the topic? Not that your points aren't valid, but they really don't have anything to do with why someone would be conservative now do they? If they do, and perhaps you just did a poor job expressing that, then by all means, restate what you're trying to say.
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