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Yes! this is something I noticed when I saw episode 3 for the 2nd time. I was driving home and I realized "holy crap, it's a good thing that episode 1 sucked!" Episode 1 was so over the top, so silly, so childish, ridiculous and inane. It's painful for me to watch. But, that crapfest, makes me appreciate episode 3 so much more. It makes episode 3 a lot stronger, and by proxy, episode 3 makes episode 1 stronger... though I wouldn't want to watch episode 1 again
Yea, this is something that I kinda wish had been explored some more. Episode 3 really opened that idea up somewhat, and when you look back on episode 1 and 2 you think like "damn, those 2 movies were through the rosy glasses of the jedi" When it comes to it though, a jedi isn't above doing any of the same things a sith might do, but their reasons are different. Selfish vs selfless and all that. it would have been nice if they had introduced that aspect in episode 2, and...
When you think about it, obi wan lying to luke was all just a scheme on obi wan's part to coerce luke into becoming a jedi. Once he started luke down the path he knew luke wouldn't turn back, so that once he learned the truth he'd confront vader. That said, such manipulation is an awfully sith thing to do. Shame on you Obi-wan
Is there no way to convert the USB 2.0 input on the shuffle to a firewire one? Most apple computers that don't have USB 2.0 still have firewire.
Well, I personally would have Wated with Baited breath, but that's just me.
You're a real master.
You could use garageband, no problem with that. Or you could get something like Audacity or Sound Studio. I think the latter might actually have some controls for reducing vinyl static noises, if that's important.
Man, the iMac g5 is like, the best all in one computer design I've ever seen.
Actually, if I remember correctly Lucas did design vader. \ And if Vader and the asteroid flight scene are the only worthwhile moments in the whole series for you, why should anyone listen to you?
So anyway, star wars and junk.
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