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Yup, I love B5, such an amazing series. I was just thinking about watching one of the made-for-tv movies for it actually.
I just got back from seeing Episode 3 again. It was even better this time than the first time. I really enjoyed it. Even some of the cheesier lines and moments were forgivable because I saw them coming and could zone out accordingly. I'm shocked to say this, but... RotS might become my favorite star wars movie(next to a new hope that is) I have to watch the original trilogy again though, it's been too long.
To be fair, 'shock and awe' was pretty much sold as an entertainment package. The media was nonstop talking about it "our glorious campaign begins with shock and awe, a brilliantly theorized tactical strike to decimate the opposition so that our brave troops can walk in and be greeted with flowers" For about a week 'shock and awe' was one of those most popular phrases, news was spending undue amounts of time on it, and the overall consensus was "woohoo we're going to...
I dunno, I think it's less about the actual killing part, but more everything leading up to the killing that is entertaining. Throughout history there have been tons of gladiatorial type forms of entertainment, mostly involving slaves or otherwise not-cared-about members of society. In that respect, no one really cared whether they lived or died, and they could enjoy watching the fight. The fact that lives were on the line, made the whole thing more thrilling because no...
Gravity gaffes are one of the things I'm very quick to allow in sci-fi. That said, Babylon 5 rules!
Definitely not you, but I do hear such criticism fairly regularly when people start discussing the merits of star wars and more specifically lucas' skills as a filmmaker.
The price is the biggest thing for me. I basically never goto non-matinee showings, and even then it's $7.50 a ticket. Additionally, There are rarely compelling enough movies that I feel like seeing, but if the ticket prices were cheaper(like under $5), I know I'd end up viewing movies that I might not normally be interested in.
It's interesting that people often criticize lucas for ripping off X,Y,Z, but then when someone like quentin tarantino does it he's a genius. I guess it comes down to how much lucas acknowledges the shoulders he stands on, but ultimately you know he's paid his dues and respect to those that he would imitate whether or not he publicly raves about it, so it's a pretty lame point imo.
Something about this one bothered me a little more than some of the other ones. I think because it was TORN off, not sliced off, as well as the likeness to the endearing R2
I think I can modify this phaser to set off an inverted pulse emission, if we can polarize the sub-tachyon link we might have a chance.
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