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Apps can have both 32 and 64 bit binaries in the same app. Apple is just saying you can no longer exclude 64-bit. Besides the effort to upgrade apps to 64-bit, the reason some developers have avoided it is it means dropping support for iOS 6.x. So while no current device will be left in the cold, any device that can't be updated to at least iOS 7 is going to stop getting app updates of any kind, unless something has changed recently.
GTAT's entire market capitalization currently stands at $111M. Apple could eat them for breakfast. Apple literally makes more than that in profit per day. This filing is despite having millions in the bank (they're not broke) is probably to save the company from being bought by Apple through injunction. At least that's my guess.
A guy's gotta have hobbies.  He failed to convince the rest of the world, but now he has his own little fiefdom where he can force everyone to comply with his little tech beliefs.  Elon Musk goes for the stars, he installs Windows on a basketball team's computers.  Sounds about right.
This should say they're bringing back Mac compatibility. 0.3.x had it, but 0.4.0 omitted it so they could ship it with the DK2 hardware on time. Now, a few weeks later, it's back.
Apple edits out vehicles.  Look at Apple Maps satellite imagery in New York Harbor for entire schools of Nessies swimming around.  (And check out the roadways for the ghosts of dead cars showing their spectral images!!!  I want to believe!)
I actually like this deal quite a bit. Oculus was never going to make it on their own since they couldn't even source displays in sufficient quantity to build their existing devkits, let alone ever go mainstream. In one fell swoop they've solved most of their problems and make it a zillion times more likely that their product will actually happen. I'm a huge Apple fan, but the Rift does not feel like an Apple product, and I'm sure as heck glad it didn't fall down the...
Aww, for a minute there I thought Apple had returned the Contacts sync to iCloud that they took away with the transition from MobileMe. Ever since then my wife and my contact list has been slowly diverging, sigh.
It doesn't matter what he says. He doesn't own the company anymore and thus can't promise anything. That's what selling the company means. Someone else ultimately calls the shots now as to your data privacy, and while they may delegate authority to Fadell for now, ultimately Nest is now owned by a company that gets 95% of its revenue from looking for your vulnerabilities and selling access to you to advertisers.
The biggest issue with compiling for 64-bit is that the app becomes iOS 7 only. Otherwise it's pretty easy to convert. My tiny apps converted in an hour or so, but I still release 32 bit only since I need to support older versions of iOS. (Android is interesting in comparison... Much more disparity of versions in use, but you can include the new SDK in your apps and use many of the newer APIs on older versions of the OS, something Apple rarely allows.) I do use the...
Seriously, a whole year and all they did was double the processing power, greatly improve the camera, add a fingerprint sensor, improve the battery life, add an ultra-low power always-on motion sensor, improve the recording frame rates, add China and other international LTE variants, add some colors, and still manage to release to more countries and carriers faster than ever. Slackers.
New Posts  All Forums: