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"The problem is that success and size have come so quickly and so dramatically for Apple . . "39 years is quick and dramatic?
Not terribly worried how Apple makes its coin as long it makes lots of it. My Apple stock depends upon it and I want to be out of the system by Xmas 2015 so I can lounge under some tropical fruit trees away from the ice age that is upon us. And that it goes up enough that I don't have to go to some cheap beleaguer swamp with only porky service ladies and homemade swill and no ice. Thirty-five years this ice age is to last so Apple, get to work. Namaste and...
Agreed.However, why talk about outdoor toilet problems when the one in the warm, convenient room, occasionally needs a second flush?Namaste and care,mhikl
Now a purist would not go covering up his/her tattoo with an electric gizmo. Would be like putting a pirate eye patch on the Mona Lisa. Sacrilege. Namaste and care, mhikl
Looks like Judge Cootie is coming out a soiled lady. She and the lawyer look like legal shysters with a plot of deception after Apple information to pad their pockets. In most jurisdictions such shenanigans would earn them both time in the clink. Let’s hope justice prevails and these two hooligans can share a common cell—which would save contamination to father rapers and such lesser misfits. I see a good plot for a very interesting movie stewing out of this sordid...
There is an upside to the rising US dollar and that is the amount of value in its stock to foreign owners. When the time comes to sell some stock, the returns in home dollars are far greater than the local rise in cost of a new Apple purchase. Of course, the down side is that converting dividends to purchasing more Apple stock costs more. Namaste and care, mhikl
Oh, this sounds so great. I was taken to task over at TMO for daring to say that Walter Isaacson biography was lacking in depth—and I am sure I read a number of reviews when it came out that suggested the same. I shall certainly be head of line the day this biography comes out.Namaste and care,mhikl
Tim's strategy, holds the fort,  OSes, iTunes 'n other messes . . .So goes those nasty things,when incentive's not the sport.No more heady guesses . . ."profits do they sing!" Such position to be in,  With no holds barred . . .And forecasts made just so,Great Power does such bring.With the future in the cards . . .Dreams the man from Cupertino.  Planning, plotting, toil 'n rubble   Profits soar, and gadgets crumble.
I get the same thing. But I don’t think I have Firefox on my Mac mini. I dumped it long ago because of Flash.This is all I seem to find when I search for Firefox or anything Adobe or Flash:• Adobe Flash Player Install Manager• Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app•Adobe Readerand then a bunch of AdobePDFPDE800.plugin(s)Then I get the same as waldobushman:"That adobe forum page tells me I'm running Flash, and I'm running Firefox on a Window 8 machine. Say...
I was going to get the latest iPad mini and the iPhone 5S, top storage for each. But I now realise that my heavy iPad 3, 64g is good enough for my needs for movies and other video. Though over kill for my phone needs and habits, the 128 iPhone 6+ will do instead and with care should last for years. The Internet, Books, music, apps and phone connection are the orders of my purpose. And that should save about a third my original costs for the other two products.
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