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Oh, this sounds so great. I was taken to task over at TMO for daring to say that Walter Isaacson biography was lacking in depth—and I am sure I read a number of reviews when it came out that suggested the same. I shall certainly be head of line the day this biography comes out.Namaste and care,mhikl
Tim's strategy, holds the fort,  OSes, iTunes 'n other messes . . .So goes those nasty things,when incentive's not the sport.No more heady guesses . . ."profits do they sing!" Such position to be in,  With no holds barred . . .And forecasts made just so,Great Power does such bring.With the future in the cards . . .Dreams the man from Cupertino.  Planning, plotting, toil 'n rubble   Profits soar, and gadgets crumble.
I get the same thing. But I don’t think I have Firefox on my Mac mini. I dumped it long ago because of Flash.This is all I seem to find when I search for Firefox or anything Adobe or Flash:• Adobe Flash Player Install Manager• Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app•Adobe Readerand then a bunch of AdobePDFPDE800.plugin(s)Then I get the same as waldobushman:"That adobe forum page tells me I'm running Flash, and I'm running Firefox on a Window 8 machine. Say...
I was going to get the latest iPad mini and the iPhone 5S, top storage for each. But I now realise that my heavy iPad 3, 64g is good enough for my needs for movies and other video. Though over kill for my phone needs and habits, the 128 iPhone 6+ will do instead and with care should last for years. The Internet, Books, music, apps and phone connection are the orders of my purpose. And that should save about a third my original costs for the other two products.
Apple's got the cash. In times where people and ideas mean squat and money is the oil that levels the mountain road, then spend, spend, spend, Apple. One tiny fruit fly in your soup is easily brushed aside.
Apple has done its best. I have lived in the Far East and naps at work are often done. The work ethic is high—especially for overtime as the coin is needed for families. So many differences in cultures, it is very hard to comprehend the ‘facts’.   The docu? was so bias, so blatantly bias that the BBC would never have viewed it, had it any scruples. Even though the company gets its funding from a TV tax each household has to pay, that doesn’t seem to make it immune from...
Steve’s evidence has been used and is on record in print. The video should be destroyed.
Sort of takes the joy out of Christmas; “Here son. It may have an infection or two but boy was it cheap."
Estimates on Apple stock and projections are always low. Expect much higher results. What gives? Amazon and Google estimated high? It’s a conundrum. I wonder when MS drops back to its usual estimates, as it surely will, will Apple finally be taken seriously? N/C mhikl
Two Walmart stores in our area have converted to food and junk markets. This company must be having problems selling crap and now food.  Went to look for juicers and the selection was horrible. And there were better prices and selection at other stores; none of which looked like that flee market.   Apple doesn’t need them. Apple is class, Walmart crass. Dump em I...
New Posts  All Forums: